Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2015

Event Name : Copenhagen Jazz Festival
Start Date:Friday, 3 July 2015
End Date :Sunday ,12 July 2015
Venue : Copenhagen, Denmark

2015 Lineup

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2015 Tickets

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Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2013

Date 5-14, July 2013
Location Denmark


The famed Copenhagen Jazz Festival is an annual event that starts on the first Friday of July and continues for about 10 days and takes place in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.  This event has been occurring annually since 1979 and continues to be a Jazz- lover’s dream destination.  It features more than 1100 concerts in over 100 venues and has more than half a million visitors in attendance making it one of the largest music events in Europe.


Although the Copenhagen Jazz Festival officially became an annual event in 1979, it featured many concerts from 1964 in the Tivoli Gardens under its name, and featured Jazz greats like Thelonius Monk & Miles Davis.  Many American Jazz musicians made Copenhagen their European homes and contributed to the expansion of the jazz scene there. This resulted in the official formation of the Copenhagen Jazz festival with the involvement of local jazz clubs and other public spaces to serve as venues for the festival.

 What to Expect: 

The 2012 Copenhagen Jazz festival will run from July 5th through the 16th and features Jazz musicians like Wayne Shorter, Anoushka Shankar and Tony Allen.  The festival features jazz music in all forms from blues, electronic, Soul, Vocal, Jazz for kids to World fusion and Avant Garde Jazz.  The 2012 festival will also feature about 3 new visual themes, in the form of vj sets, lights and video artists that the organizers hope will reinforce the music and create a more interactive experience for the listeners.


The Venues for the Copenhagen Jazz festival are as varied as they are interesting backdrops for the many free outdoor concerts around the city.  The public is able to enjoy the concerts in traditional settings like the concert halls and opera houses to printing plants that are not in use any more and the gardens of Carlsberg Brewery.