Control New Girl Season 1 Episode 16

Control Season 1 Episode 16

Aired on: Fox
Slot & Time: Tuesday, 9PM ET
Last aired episode: 03/13/2012
Last aired episode name: Control

Control New Girl Season 1 Episode 16

This week’s New Girl episode deals mainly with Schmidt and his issues with his relation with CeCe and also his rather feminine ways at home.

The episode starts off with Cece dropping off Schmidt to a distance away from loft as she is ashamed of the fact that she thinks of him at night. Schimdt is not happy with things running like this and he thinks he has no control on their relation and he gets stressed out at that. He vents out his frustration on Cece and she tells him to relax and things are happening too quickly.

Then the second woman, Jess too reinstates the fact to Schmidt that he needs to change. Jess wants to install a pine hutch which she found on road to the wall of her room but Schmidt opposes. Jess is adamant and in spite of warnings from Schimdt, Nick and Winston pushes back the hutch.

There is a power struggle in the house between Schmidt and Jess. And in a quest to prove herself better and superior Jess intentionally shelves Schmidt’s coffee grinder which obviously makes Schmidt furious. The result of the fight is a shattered glass on floor with the tipped over hutch. Schmidt also admits that he might be having a problem.

Jess now thinks that Schmidt should open up more and takes him to boardwalk. While Jess talks about birds, wind, ocean, Listing of Taiwan & China Plastic Mould manufacturers and suppliers, Schmidt on the other hand focuses on dirty aspects like rodents eating trash, dirty needles on the ground, etc.He thinks that structure is very important in his life while Jess argues with philosophy.

Schmidt is a person who has penchant for making list for everything and wants everything in his life to be orderly and structured. And Jess here acts as his antidote that is freewheeling.

Schmidt changes and soon enough the house mates need the old Schmidt back. Winston and Nick require Schmidt’s fashion advice and the house needs him to take care of grocery and cleaning stuff. Jess lures him back with a pair of pants and soon enough the old Schmidt returns.

CeCe turns up at night to find Schmidt wearing the same pants Jess got him. But Schmidt is a changed man and realizes that he has no control in the relationship but he has the control to seduce CeCe.