Closing Time Criminal Minds Season 7 Episode 14

Criminal Minds Season 7 Episode 14

Aired on: CBS
Time & Slot: Wednesday 9PM ET
Last aired episode: Closing Time on 02/15/2012

Closing Time Criminal Minds Season 7 Episode 14

The episode opens with a beach party celebrating the graduation ceremony by some young college students. Among them a couple to go life guards stand in an attempt to steal some privacy but notice three dead bodies wrapped in plastic inside the tower.

Hotch asks Beth out on Friday. Dave wants Aaron to date again.

Back to the case! Penelope Garcia talks about the case. The three dead bodies which were found had their genitals missing and each one of them died due to a single gunshot. The team wants to identify the victims as soon as possible. Then we see the criminal covered in blood almost naked and holding a knife. He is holding a victim in a chair.
The post mortem reveals that the victims were castrated after their death which makes it clear that the criminal does not want the victims to suffer. Jennifer also thinks unsub is important. Penelope says that apart from being males, the three victims have no other similarities. Mean while one more body is discovered in local police station which is not covered in plastic. The next scene shows the unsub speaking to a high school boy. Hotch speaks to one of the widow but she couldn’t be of much help.

Meanwhile the team discuss the motive of the murder and they thing that the unsub might be approaching straight guys and when they reject, he might be killing them.
The team finds out that two victims had missing cars before they were dead.

Unsub is introduced now as Mike. Another man Doug comes to him, they fight, Doug apologizes but Mike is not ready to budge. Mike asks Doug to kill himself if he wants his apology to be accepted. The team thinks that Mike is killing men in the beach and not luring them.

Mike now kills another man and the body of Gus Harrington is discovered. He was unhappy. Mean while Mike has a fight with his ex-wife and she asks him to leave. Mike finds his new victim, a woman, who has cheated her husband. Mike then kills Doug too. The female victim’s husband tells the team that she had cheated on him. The team finally finds out that Mike is their suspect where Doug and Mike are fighting the battle of Mike’s son. Mike’s ex-wife tells the team that Doug is the father and not Mike. Meanwhile Mike picks up his boy from school him and ties up Hunter but the team arrives there and frees Hunter and catch Mike but JJ is hurt badly.

Hotch goes to Beth’s house as it is Valentine’s Day and they kiss each other.