Chaos Revenge Season 1 Episode 15

Revenge Season 1 Episode 15

Aired on: ABC
Time & Slot: Wednesday 10 PM
Last aired Episode: “Chaos”; 02/15/2012

Chaos Revenge Season 1 Episode 15

At the beginning of the episode Daniel gets shot on the beach and a man in gloves takes away the famous photo of the Grayson Global team. On the other hand is shown events which have occurred 24 hrs ago to Tyler. He comes out of the criminally insane house and is up to some evil as he has Emily’s box with him which disappeared in last episode. Jack’s priest friend asks him if he can go to Haiti to help build a school thinking about the proposal.

Charlotte struggles hard to believe the fact that she is living a lie. Conrad comes to Victoria and tells her he wants to give her house and cash as they are divorcing each other. Meanwhile Daniel comes to Emily’s house and urges her not to keep any secrets from him and Emily in response smiles. She finds one more gun in her cabinet.
Emily calls her cell and Tyler picks up making things clear to Emily. She understands her box is with him. But Tyler also has handcuffed Amanda with him in a barn. He tells Amanda that Emily is not her friend, rather her competition. Meanwhile things are getting ready for the engagement party and Emily goes to Grayson mansion to overlook things. Victoria urges Emily to help her have a conversation with Daniel. Daniel on the other hand talks with Grandpa Grayson regarding the taking over of the company and also informs him about Charlotte who is not keeping well. Grandpa threatens Charlotte not to disclose about her biological father for the sake of the company.

Emily comes face to face with Tyler to take away her box but is in trouble to find Amanda there and moreover on seeing that Amanda is sides with Tyler and not her. Amanda takes way Emily’s box and money and drives away. Nolan wants to call off the engagement party but Emily does not agree. While Jack goes to Haiti, Emily takes care of his dog Sammy. Tyler persuades Amanda to go to the party but Amanda thinks that Emily is a threat to her.

Victoria receives the divorce papers from Conrad. Victoria speaks with Daniel but he tells her that he’s had enough of her and he wants to go to Paris with Emily. But Emily rejects the plan. Takeda brings the box to the party and Emily burry’s her father’s secrets.

Just when Jack was supposed to leave, Amanda turns up and wants to go with him but she gets shot there. As Jack chases Amanda on the beach, there is one more gunshot. Jack asks Amanda to go to his car. Hearing the gunshot everybody from the party head down to the beach and find Tyler has been shot.Takeda takes Amanda and derives off.