Cartoon Network Transformers

Cartoon Network Transformer Characters
Cartoon Network Transformer-Bulk Head He is intended for knocking down; bulkhead is one of the wrecking groups. He is grand in battle except occasionally he doesn’t know his own strength. He may perhaps seem to be one mean machine; however he is truly a softy at heart.
Cartoon Network Transformer-Bulk Head  
Cartoon Network Transformer-Bumblebee Bumblebee is young and he is having less knowledge in the autobots. He is a bit of a showoff and always acts on impulse. He will jump into the war field without any thinking before he acts as he is amature.
Cartoon Network Transformer-Bumblebee  
Cartoon Network Transformer-Megatron

Megatron is the cruel organizer of the Decepticons. He stresses unthinking trustworthiness from those who give out him. Equipped with critical union Cannon, Megatron takes enjoyment in the agony of autobots.

Cartoon Network Transformer-Megatron  
Cartoon Network Transformer-Optimus Prime

Optimus is youngest commander of the autobots. He was very humble, friendly with a rocket power laser axe. Prime is very familiar to handle himself in the battles.

Cartoon Network Transformer-Optimus Prime  
Cartoon Network Transformer-Prowl Prowl is very silent of all the autobots. He prefers the things to put in the action to the talking. He is s natural spy that he can infiltrate which can be unseen and unheard.
Cartoon Network Transformer-Prowl  
Cartoon Network Transformer-Ratchet He seems to be older of all the Allspark itself. He is a little bit short tempered. He is the teams medic. His bedside manner is little bit rusty though he is a expert healer.
Cartoon Network Transformer-Ratchet  
Cartoon Network Transformer-Sari

Sari is the honest daughter of the famous scientist Isaac Sumdac. Sari has the strange key so as to came from the AllSpark. The key gives her a extraordinary link with the Autobots.

Cartoon Network Transformer-Sari  
Cartoon Network Transformer-Starscream

Megaton’s devious second-in-command would approximate nothing enhanced than to get control over decepticons. Starscreamer’s dominant nullray cannons as well as unbelievable pace build him a hazardous challenger.

Cartoon Network Transformer-Starscream  

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