Cartoon Network Chowder

Cartoon Network Chowder Characters
Cartoon Network Chowder

Chowder is the emotional, youthful apprentice of famous chef Mung Daal. Chowder loves food as well as dreams of attractive a great chef one day.

Cartoon Network Chowder  
Cartoon Network Mung Daal

Mung Daal is a little bit split minded person. Mung Daal knows more than almost anybody in terms of cooking. He prepares every dish with his whole heart. Mung thinks he’s ladies man plus often offers Chowder suggestion about finding love.

Cartoon Network Mung Daal  
Cartoon Network Kimchi

Kimchi is the best friend and pet of Chowder, who is a floating stink cloud. Most people don’t want to be around him, however Chowder doesn’t wits Kimchi’s smell.

Cartoon Network Kimchi  
Cartoon Network Shnitzel

Shnitzel is rock monster and with heavy body who works in Mung Daal’s kitchen. He is little bit moody, and chowder is always getting on his nerves.

Cartoon Network Shnitzel  
Cartoon Network Panini

Panini is the apprentice to Ms.Edvine. She’s persuaded that Chowder is her boyfriend moreover takes every opportunity to let him know this.

Cartoon Network Panini  
Cartoon Network Truffles

Truffles is Mung Daal’s wife and she wants to be the boss plus has a very spirited streak. Whereas Mung Daal handles the cooking, Truffles looks after everything else.

Cartoon Network Truffles  


Cartoon Network Dexter's Episodes List
The Thrice Cream Man The Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin
Mahjongg Night The Sing Beans
The cinnamini Monster The Worng Address


Cartoon Network Chowder Schedules
Date Time Episode
February 21 3:00 PM Gazpacho Stands Up/ Taste of Marzipan A
February 21 3:30 PM Half or Hole/Grubble/Gum/Cinnamini Monster
February 22 10:30 AM Heavy Sleeper/ Moldy Touch
February 22 5:00 PM At Your Service/ Chowder and Mr.Fugu
February 22 5:30 PM Apprectice Games
February 22 6:00 PM Banned From The Stand/Creme Puff Hands
February 22 6:30 PM Panini For President/Chowder's Babysitter
February 23 3:00 PM Hot Date/Shopping Spree
February 23 3:30 PM Mahjingg Night/Stinky Love
February 24 7:00 PM Panini For President/Chowder's Babysitter
February 24 7:30 PM Puckerberry Overlords/Elemelons
February 25 3:00 PM Shnitzel Quits
February 25 3:30 PM Sniffleball/Mung On the Rocks
February 26 8:00 PM Thousnad Pound Cake/rat Sandwich
February 27 3:00 PM Thrice Cream Man/Fibber-Falbber Diet
February 27 3:30 PM Grubble Gum/Cinnamini Monster
February 28 3:00 PM At Your Service/ Chowder and Mr.Fugu
February 28 3:00 PM Bruised Bluenana, The/Shnitzel and the lead farfel
March 01 10:30 AM Chowder Loses his Hat/Brain Grub


Cartoon Network Chowder Award Nominations
Year  Association  Award Category  Notes  Result
2008 Annie Award  Best Animated Television Production for Children,
Writing in an Animated Television Production[20]  C. H. Greenblatt and William Reiss for the episode "Burple Nurples"  Nominated
2008 Emmy Awards  Outstanding Special Class — Short-format Animated Programs[21]  Episode: "Burple Nurples"  Nominated
2009 Annie Award  Production Design in an Animated Television Production or Short Form[22]  Dan Krall for the episode "The Heavy Sleeper"  Nominated
2009 Annie Award  Voice Acting in an Animated Television Production or Short Form[22]  Dwight Schultz for the role of Mung Daal  Nominated