Cartoon Network Anime

Cartoon Network Anime
S.No Name  Premiere Date  Channel
1 GoLion 17-Mar-97 TV-Y7-FV
2 Robotech 12-Jan-98 TV-Y7-FV
3 Sailor Moon 1-Jun-98 TV-Y7-FV and TV-PG-S,V
4 Dragon Ball Z 13-Sep-98 TV-Y7-FV
5 Ronin Warriors 17-Sep-99 TV-Y7-FV
6 G-Force: Guardians of Space 2-Jan-95 TV-Y7-FV
7 Gundam Wing 6-Mar-00 TV-Y7-FV and TV-PG-V
8 Tenchi Muyo! 3-Jul-00 TV-PG, TV-14 on Adult Swim
9 Tenchi Universe 20-Jul-00 TV-PG, TV-14 on Adult Swim
10 Tenchi in Tokyo 25-Aug-00 TV-PG, TV-14 on Adult Swim
11 Blue Submarine No. 6 6-Nov-00 TV-Y7-FV
12 Outlaw Star 15-Jan-01 TV-PG-V, TV-14-V and TV-MA-V,S on Adult Swim
13 The Big O 2-Apr-01 TV-Y7-FV, TV-PG-V, TV-14-V on Adult Swim
14 Cardcaptors 1-Jun-01 TV-Y7-FV
15 Mobile Suit Gundam 23-Jul-01 TV-Y7-FV and TV-PG-V
16 08th MS Team 24-Jul-01 TV-Y7-FV and TV-PG-V
17 Dragon Ball 20-Aug-01 TV-Y7-FV
18 Zoids: New Century Zero 5-Nov-01 TV-Y7-FV
19 Gundam 0080 6-Nov-01 TV-Y7-FV and TV-PG-V
20 Hamtaro 3-Jun-02 TV-Y
21 Zoids: Chaotic Century 29-Jul-02 TV-Y7-FV
22 G Gundam 5-Aug-02 TV-Y7-FV and TV-PG-V
23 IGPX (micro-series) 15-Sep-03 TV-Y7-FV and TV-PG-L
24 hack//SIGN 1-Feb-03 TV-Y7-FV, TV-PG-V, TV-1 on some episodes
25 YuYu Hakusho 23-Feb-03 TV-Y7-FV
26 Martian Successor Nadesico 24-Feb-03 TV-PG
27 Neon Genesis Evangelion  24-Feb-03 TV-PG, TV-14-V on Adult Swim
28 Dai-Guard 27-Feb-03 TV-PG
29 Rurouni Kenshin 17-Mar-03 TV-PG-V
30 Cyborg 009 30-Jun-03 TV-Y7-FV
31 SD Gundam Force 1-Sep-03 TV-Y7-FV
32 Dragon Ball GT 7-Nov-03 TV-Y7-FV
33 Duel Masters 27-Feb-04 TV-Y7-FV
34 Astro Boy 8-Mar-04 TV-Y7-FV
35 Gundam SEED 17-Apr-04 TV-Y7-FV and TV-PG-S,V
36 Rave Master 5-Jun-04 TV-Y7-FV
37 Fullmetal Alchemist 5-Jun-04 TV-14 & TV-PG
38 Transformers: Energon 2-Dec-04 TV-Y7-FV
39 D.I.C.E. 22-Jan-05 TV-Y7-FV
40 Zatch Bell! 5-Mar-05 TV-Y7-FV
41 One Piece 23-Apr-05 TV-Y7-FV and TV-PG-V
42 Transformers: Cybertron 2-Jul-05 TV-Y7-FV
43 Yu-Gi-Oh! 6-Aug-05 TV-Y7-FV
44 Naruto 15-Sep-05 TV-PG-V,S,D
45 Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo 30-Sep-05 TV-Y7-FV and TV-PG-D
46 IGPX (full-series) 5-Nov-05 TV-Y7-FV and TV-PG-L
47 Pokemon Chronicles 8-Mar-06 TV-Y7-FV
48 Pokemon (anime) 15-Apr-06 TV-Y7-FV
49 The Prince of Tennis 14-Jul-06 TV-PG
50 MAR 14-Jul-06 TV-PG-V
51 Yu-Gi-Oh! GX 28-Oct-06 TV-Y7-FV
52 Mega Man Star Force 23-Jul-07 TV-Y7-FV
52 Bakugan Battle Brawlers 22-Mar-08 TV-Y7-FV
54 Blue Dragon 29-Mar-08 TV-Y7-FV

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