Bully New Girl Season 1 Episode 14

New Girl Season 1 Episode 14

Aired on: Fox TV
Time & Slot: 9PM, ET
Last aired episode name: Bully
Last aired episode date: 02/21/2012

Bully New Girl Season 1 Episode 14

This week’s episode Bully deals with Jess, finally teaching, Nick and Julia’s impending break up and the aftermath of Valentine’s Day hook up of Cece and Schmidt.

Jess is in her classroom where songs are being played against bullying but ultimately Jess is the one who is getting bulleyed by the class. She tries helping Brianna, her student but got in the trap herself.

Nick is devastated by the valentine gift he received from Julia. She gave him a cactus and he thinks she wants to break up with him. He wants to understand why she gave him a cactus and messages Julia continuously until she comes to his apartment and says that she just gave it as a present. But as break up is mentioned by Nick, she now actually thinks the same.

Cece and Schmidt meanwhile are happy with their present state of affairs. What matters to them is their physical intimacy and they decide next when they are going to meet. But Schmidt also tells Cece the things he likes about her. Though Schmidt wants to share the news of the relation to his friends, but Cece insists to keep it a secret.

Winston is in the apartment and is always free as he has nothing to do. He helps Jess to fix up Brianna’s broken science fair project. He and Jess have a good laugh over Schmidt’s over excitement seeing a crescent moon.

Jess eventually admits that she has broken Brianna’s science project but Rachael Harris, the principal hails her as a real teacher and punishes Brianna instead by asking her to join a duet.
Nick, though initially happy about the break up turns sad thinking about it.