Blue Water High TV Drama

Blue Water High Children TV Drama

Blue Water High is one of the Australian television drama series, broadcast by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation on ABC1. Blue Water High is broadcasted on Austar/Foxtel Nickelodeon channel in Australia and on in many other countries.

In 2005 and 2006 the first two series of Blue Water High were screened. Blue Water High series one consists of 26 episodes. Best Young actor award for 2005 Australian Film Institute Award was won by Sophie Luck won for series one. The other winners for series one were Fly and Edge were other winners for series one. The Blue Water High second series began in January 2006 in Sydney, Australia and Brooke and Eric are the winners of this second series.

Due to the popular demand by fans the producers made the series three with Kate Bell in a main role in October 2007. The winners for Blue Water High series three are Bridget and Adam. The series three is also ended with closure of solar blue, indicating that show is going to end.

Blue Water High
Blue Water High Format Children's TV Drama
Blue Water High Directed by Marcus Cole
Ralph Strasser
Ian Watson
Chris Martin-Jones
Blue Water High Starring Sophie Luck
Tahyna Tozzi
Kate Bell
Mara Scherzinger
Khan Chittenden
Adam Saunders
Christopher Foy
Gabrielle Scollay
Lesley Mitchell
Taryn Marler
James Sorensen
Cariba Heine
Ryan Corr
Trent Dalzell
Martin Lynes
Liz Burch
Kain O'Keefe
Lachlan Buchanan
Eka Darville
Amy Beckwith
Rebecca Breeds
Craig Horner
Blue Water High Theme music composer Liam Finn
Blue Water High Opening theme Aiming For Your Head by Betchadupa
Blue Water High Country of origin Australia
No. of seasons of Blue Water High 3
No. of episodes for Blue Water High 78
Blue Water High Production
Noel Price
Claire Henderson (Series 1 & 2)
Angelika Paetow (Series 1)
Tim Brooke-Hunt (Series 3)
Producer(s) Dennis Kiely
Noel Price
Editor(s) Simon Martin
Patrick Stewart
Michael J. Hagan
Cinematography Russell Bacon
Brendan Lavelle
Running time 25 minutes
Southern Star Entertainment
Blue Water High Broadcast
Original channel ABC1
Original run May 11, 2005 – September 2008
Status Ended

Blue Water High Cast

Series One Blue Water High Cast
  • Rebecca "Bec" Sanderson - Kate Bell
  • Dean "Edge" Edgely - Khan Chittenden
  • Perri Lawe -Tahyna Tozzi
  • Matthew "Matt" Leyland -Chris Foy
  • Fiona "Fly" Watson - Sophie Luck
  • Heath Carroll - Adam Saunders
  • Anna Petersen - Mara Scherzinger
  • Craig "Simmo" Simmonds - Martin Lynes
  • Jilly - Liz Burch
  • Deborah "Deb" Callum - Nadine Garner
  • Joe Sanderson - Matt Ruddock
Series Two Blue Water High Cast
  • Eric Tanner - Ryan Corr
  • Amy Reed - Gabrielle Scollay
  • Mike Kruze - James Sorensen
  • Brooke Solomon - Lesley Anne Mitchell
  • Corey Petrie - Trent Dalzell
  • Rachel Samuels - Taryn Marler
  • Fiona "Fly" Watson - Sophie Luck
  • Craig "Simmo" Simmonds - Martin Lynes
  • Jilly - Liz Burch
  • Deborah "Deb" Callum - Nadine Garner
Series Three Blue Water High Cast
  • Guy Spender - Kain O'Keefe
  • Charley Prince - Lachlan Buchanan
  • Adam Bridge - Eka Darville
  • Bridget Sanchez - Cariba Heine
  • Loren Power - Amy Beckwith
  • Cassie Cometti - Rebecca Breeds
  • Gary Miller - Craig Horner
  • Bec Sanderson - Kate Bell

Blue Water High List of Episodes

Blue Water High Series One Episodes (May-November 2005)
  • The Contenders
  • Winners and Losers
  • Trouble in Paradise
  • Fly Takes a Dive
  • Anna Loses Her Way
  • Edge Wipes Out
  • Friends in Need
  • Brothers and Sisters
  • Sharks In The Mind
  • Timing Is Everything
  • Out Of Control
  • Dreams and Dramas
  • Life On The Line
  • Bad Boy Heath
  • Joker's Wild
  • Undefined
  • Perri Lies Low
  • Winning Isn't Everything
  • Right Dances-Wrong Partner
  • Big Wave Fears
  • The Kiss
  • Behind The Scenes
  • Tough Choices
  • The Band Plays On
  • Suspicious Minds
  • And The Winner Is...