Aunt Mommy Modern Family Season 3 Episode 15

Modern Family Season 3 Episode 15

Aired on: ABC
Day & Slot: Wednesday, 9PM
Last aired episode: February 15th, 2012
Episode name: Aunt Mommy

Aunt Mommy Modern Family Season 3 Episode 15

The Modern Family brings up the topic of surrogacy and adoption in this week’s episode titled “Aunt Mommy”.

Alex and Haley are bored, to end their boredom Claire asks them to clean the kitchen. Leon, Luke’s friend comes over but he has a lice problem and soon enough Luke develops the same problem as he wears a cap borrowed from Leon.

Mean while Phil shows the same house to Steven and Stefan. Steven and Stefan and Mitchell and Cameron do not get along well as Steven and Stefan already have a baby through surrogacy and Mitchell and Cameron, although want a baby but not open to the idea of surrogacy.

In the Pritchett household, Jay wants his son Manny to play football and do stuff other boys of his age do, but the kid is way too attached with his mommy Gloria and accompanies her everywhere.

Gloria and Manny were supposed to go to a play but Jay lies to Gloria’s friend that she cannot meet her as Manny has a match to play. Manny picks up a penny for his mom in the football ground while he has the ball and this leads to ugly situation. Jay and Gloria fight over this. But Jay melts later when he learns the reason for the boy to behave in that fashion. Jay and Manny have been collecting pennies for a year so that later they buy a lottery ticket when they collect 100.

Phil finally succeeds in selling the house to Steven and Stefan and to celebrate the couple along with Mitchell and Cameron get drunk over dinner. In a drunken state Claire offers to give one of her eggs to Mitchell and Cam for them to have a baby. But as they get up next morning, all but Cam regret the conversation. But Cam is convinced that this Aunt Mommy plan will work.

The family meets up for brunch at Jay and Gloria’s place and soon they divide themselves into two groups: one which is pro-surrogate and the other anti-surrogate. In midst of this chaos Mitchell and Claire come underneath a table to sort things out. They decide not to go ahead with the egg idea. Mitchell and Cam later spy on Lily and realize she has the best of both her parents.