Pisces Zodiac Sign

Pisces symbolizes the sign of the fishes and is associated with people who are born on and in between February 20 to March 20.

Traits of Pisces:

Pisces Positive Traits:

Pisceans are very imaginative, sensitive, compassionate, and selfless people. They acquire a very gentle, patient, and malleable nature, which help them in becoming popular in the group.  Their intuition power is very high and the sympathetic nature helps them in possessing humanity and welfare of other people.

Pisceans are very easy going and affectionate people and because of these qualities they are very famous in their family and friends. Further, they like people with their own qualities and nature and do not want to change people around them according to their comfort. They are very patient in listening to problems of other people and try to solve out their problem in their limitation. Pisceans are very selfless and sympathetic people, who are very concerned for the people around them. Pisceans are very artistic in nature and the quality helps them in bringing mental satisfaction, fame, and sometime financial reward. They are extremely loyal towards their partners and loves to be in family. Pisceans love to explore beautiful places and they like to live luxurious life, all full with exotic things around.

Astrological Sign / Sun Sign/Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Constellation Pisces Pisces Sign
Zodiac symbol Two fishes
Known as The Poet
Ruling planet Neptune & Jupiter
Quality Mutable watery sign
Element Water
Greatest Compatibility Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius
Best for Marriage & Partnerships Virgo
Day Friday
Color Sea-green & Lavender
Flowers Violet, Jonquil & Water Lily Sun Sign: Pisces
Metal Platinum February 20 - March 20
Lucky Numbers 2, 6
Virtues Psychic power, sensitivity, self-sacrifice, altruism
Negative traits Escapism, keeping bad company, negative moods.

Pisces Negative Traits:

The concerned nature of Pisceans makes them very emotional in dealing things around them. The characteristic can make them rationally poor and can lead to several failures in life. Pisceans are creative in nature and wants to live life against the limitation of discipline and confinement. This makes them unsuitable for the working style of normal people.  They are rebellious in nature against things which do not suit them. Lack of energy and motivation discourage them in achieving targets to which they are fighting.

Pisces Ruling Planet:

The ruling planet of Pisces is Neptune, because of the last position it acquires in the astrology. Some controversies are attached with the ruling planet because of the late discovery of Neptune. Previous to Neptune discovery, Jupiter was considered as the ruling planet of the zodiac sign. Some astrologers still belief that Jupiter co-rule Pisces along with Neptune. And because of Neptune affect, Pisceans are gifted enhanced sixth sense and other qualities like spiritual development, romance, lyricism, and wistfulness.

Pisces Lucky factors:

Lucky colors of Pisces sign include silver, sea greens, mauve, purple and violet. Lucky stone is Amethyst, lucky day is Thursday, and lucky number is seven.

Lucky flowers and plants associated with the sign are angelica, iris, orchids, violets, water lilies, mosses, ferns, alder, ash, dogwood and fig and seaweed

Pisces Career Horoscope:

Pisceans are very emotional in nature. This makes them suitable for the job which is subordinated by other member in the team. Pisceans are very good in following instructions and managing things under somebody’s guidance, hence they could become good secretary or book keeper. Other professional fields which are suitable for Pisceans include nurse, librarian, caterers or mystics in the church.

Pisces Health:

Pisceans are on risky side of getting diseases or illnesses like anemia, boils, ulcers, women problems like heavy bleeding in periods, and disorders related to foot or lameness.

Pisces Compatibility:

Because of the fun-loving and easy going characteristics of Pisceans, they number of affairs in their life is high. Best match for Piscean could be from Taurus or Cancer signs.

Pisces Compatibility


Pisces Relationship:

Pisceans are very emotional; this makes them favorable choice as a friend. Further, they can become very good father who encourage their children in achieving success in their interests. But the over-emotional characteristic of Pisceans make them very soft and emotional mother who can spoil their children by becoming over-sentimental with them.

Sun Sign Compatible Signs Incompatible Signs Opposite Sign
Aries Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius & Aquarius Cancer & Capricorn Libra
Taurus Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn & Pisces Leo & Aquarius Scorpio
Gemini Aries, Leo, Libra & Aquarius Virgo & Pisces Sagittarius
Cancer Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio & Pisces Aries & Libra Capricorn
Leo Aries, Gemini, Libra & Sagittarius Taurus & Scorpio Aquarius
Virgo Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio & Capricorn Gemini & Sagittarius Pisces
Libra Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius & Aquarius Cancer & Capricorn Aries
Scorpio Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn & Pisces Leo & Aquarius Taurus
Sagittarius Aries, Leo, Libra & Aquarius Virgo & Pisces Gemini
Capricorn Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio & Pisces Aries & Libra Cancer
Aquarius Aries, Gemini, Libra & Sagittarius Taurus & Scorpio Leo
Pisces Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio & Capricorn Gemini & Sagittarius Virgo