Libra Zodiac Sign

Libra is the zodiac sign of people who are born between September 24 and October 23 and the symbol of this zodiac is “The Scales”. Libra is the only sign in all which does not have any human or animal symbol to indicate itself.

Traits of Libra

Libra Positive Traits

Traditional characteristics of Librans include urbanity, romanticism, charmfulness, and diplomacy. Librans are also typically peaceable, idealistic, sociable and easygoing. However, they also depict some negative traits such as being changeable and indecisive, easily influenced, gullible, self-indulgent and flirtatious.

Librans are most civilized people from other signs and they are very attractive appearance wise. Librans appreciate art and beauty and the ruling planet of the sign, Venus, has gifted people under it the natural charm and elegance. Librans are very gentle and have good taste of life. They are very sociable and like to pleasure good things in life.

Astrological Sign / Sun Sign/Zodiac Sign: Libra
Constellation Libra libra sign
Zodiac symbol Scales
Known as The Statesman
Ruling planet Venus
Quality Cardinal
Element Air
Greatest Compatibility Gemini, Aquarius
Best for Marriage & Partnerships Aries
Day Friday
Color Indigo Blue
Flowers Rose, Cosmos & Hydrangeas Sun Sign: Libra
Metal Quicksilver September 24 - October 23
Lucky Numbers 6, 9
Virtues Social grace, charm, tact, diplomacy
Negative traits Violating what is right for the sake of social acceptance.

Librans take every argument impartially and stand back to their decisions. Librans do not tolerate the arguments that targets challenge on them. Librans do not like criticism and want approval of their decisions.

They are naturally gifted with the natural understanding of emotional needs of people around them. They hate cruel activities, vicious approach towards life, and vulgarity. While, hanging around with some friends, they will make sure of providing every comfort around. The sign makes them intellectual naturally, along with good perception power.

Libra Negative Traits and Characteristics

Librans are very impatience while dealing criticism. They are flirtatious in nature and some show characteristics of frivolity and shallowness. They tend to change things around them quickly and always seek for change in their life. Sometimes they become extravagant because of their habit of seeking pleasure every where. They are careless about their wealth and can be jealous sometime. They are quiet curious in knowing things in depth of any social scandal. Librans love to talk much and are gossipers.

Professionally, they can be sometime very lazy. Further, they are indecisive or take a lot of time in taking decision because of their habit of judging every thing on the scale of right or wrong.

In addition, Librans are very eager to be in fashion. Overexcitement towards fashion can be intolerable with them.

Libra Ruling Planet

Librans are from the planet Venus.

Libra Lucky factors:

Blue is the luck color for Libran and their lucky stone is the very precious Sapphire, from Quartz family.

Libra Career Horoscopes:

Pisceans are very emotional in nature. This makes them suitable for the job which is subordinated by other member in the team. Pisceans are very good in following instructions and managing things under somebody’s guidance, hence they could become good secretary or book keeper. Other professional fields which are suitable for Pisceans include nurse, librarian, caterers or mystics in the church.

Libra Health:

Librans are prone of having medical ailments in the lumbar region, lower backs, and kidneys. Back problems are attached with Librans mostly. They have more chances of having troubles in kidneys and bladder, like stone or gravel in the body.  They need to be careful about their drinking habits very much to keep themselves in good health.

Libra Zodiac Sign Compatibility:

Librans are generally very compatible with people from all signs, as they are very generous, charismatic, and easy going. They will do everything to keep his/her company feels good. Although, they are bit indecisive or moody, but they can go any step to keep balance in their relation. They just need to keep their balance properly to retain their relationships.

Libra Compatibility


Libra Best and Worst Relationship Matches

Libra as a Friend:

Librans are very good advisor and very helpful with their friends.

Libra as a Father:

Librans become very kind, generous and soft father. Shrewd children can take extra privilege from their very generous father.

Libra as a Mother:

Librans mother will do everything to make her baby smart. They can be sometime very rude, but from inside they are very soft towards their children

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Gemini Aries, Leo, Libra & Aquarius Virgo & Pisces Sagittarius
Cancer Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio & Pisces Aries & Libra Capricorn
Leo Aries, Gemini, Libra & Sagittarius Taurus & Scorpio Aquarius
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Libra Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius & Aquarius Cancer & Capricorn Aries
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