Cancer Zodiac Sign

Zodiac sign Cancer is symbolized through the Crab and include people who are born on and in between June 22 to July 22.

Traits of Cancerian:

Cancerian Positive traits:

Cancerians are very emotional and loving people. They are very caring about the people who are attach with them. The characteristics of the sign are least categorical

among all. The traits can range from very dull or shy to very brilliant and sociable people. Generally, Cancerians are very homely people, who love to be in home and with family. They like to live in big family and are bit conservative in nature. They want their house to be design according to the comfort of their family. This doesn’t mean that they are not sociable or don’t like to be in the company of friends. Outsiders or people who are not in contact with them can sometime perceive their image as of very  thick skinned, unemotional, purposeful, energetic or shrewd person.

Cancerians are very imaginative and intuitive. They can think of futuristic situation of other people through the keenness of their imaginations. They love to live in romantic fantasies and always try to do something new to keep their romantic live refreshing.

Astrological Sign / Sun Sign/Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Constellation Cancer the Crab Cancer Sign
Zodiac symbol Crab
Known as The Teacher
Ruling planet the Moon
Quality Cardinal
Element Water
Greatest Compatibility Scorpio, Pisces
Best for Marriage & Partnerships Capricorn
Day Monday
Color Violet, Sea Green & Silver
Flowers Larkspur Sun Sign: Cancer
Metal Silver June 21 - July 22
Lucky Numbers 3, 7
Virtues Emotional sensitivity, tenacity, nurturing
Negative traits Over-sensitivity, negative moodiness .

Cancerians are admirer of art and possess literary, artistic and oratorical talent. People close to them think that they are very down-to earth character, this help Cancerians in placing their psychic influence on them.

Cancerians are good in making their followers, which help them in bwcoming a good leader.  Further, Cancerians are very sympathetic and protective to people who are around them.

Cancerian Negative Traits:

Cancerians’ characteristics range from two contrary limits from dull to very enthusiastic. Changeable and moody are some of their negative traits. Over-emotional and not letting thing go by them make them very sensitive and difficult to deal with. Their emotional characteristic can make them flow in words of someone, whom they love and protect.


  • Adaptable
  • Loyal
  • Attached to family
  • Empathetic


  • Moody
  • Sensitive
  • Emotional
  • May be indecisive at times

Cancerian Career:

Cancerians are good in leading team and young generation. Management is their core area of excellence. They can inspire youth generation by their idealistic approach. They are very loyal their workplace and look for stability in their profession. They are good in workplace related to public affairs, nursing, careering, event management, real estate broker, and sailor.

Cancerian Health:

Cancerians are more prone of having medical complication in the chest, breasts, elbow, stomach and digestion, and in reproductive organs of women. They generally have stomach ailments like weak digestion and gastritis.

Cancerian Ruling planet:

Moon is the ruling planet of Cancer sign.

Cancerian Lucky Color and Lucky Starstone

The lucky color of cancer sign is Silver and starstone is silvery color Pearl.

Cancer compatibility:


Cancerian Relationship:

Cancerian As a friend:

Cancerian people are proved to be good friend and they are worth like gold by their friends.

Cancerian As a father:

Cancerian make excellent father. They are very caring and understanding father, who use their imaginative power to make the future of their children bright.

Cancerian Romance:

Cancerians are good lover, who love to use their imaginative power in making their romantic refreshing. But, sudden mood change of Cancerian can make their romantic life unhappy.

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