American Idol 2002 Season 1

American Idol 2002 Season 1
Birthname Kelly Brianne Clarkson Kelly Brianne Clarkson
Years As Winner September 4, 2002 - May 21, 2003
Genres Pop, Rock, Alternative rock, R&B
Successor Ruben Studdard

The first season of American Idol has commenced on June 11, 2002 with the full title American Idol: The Search for a Superstar plus persistent until September 4, 2002. It was won by Kelly Clarkson. This season was co-hosted by Ryan Seacrest and Brian Dunkleman, the last of whom left the show after this season.

Auditions: Auditions were held in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Atlanta, and Seattle in the spring of 2002.

  American Idol Season1 ScoreCard

Semifinal Group1 Semifinal Group2 Semifinal Group 3
Tamyra Gray Alexis Lopez R. J. Helton
Jim Verraros Gil Sinuet Kristin Holt
Adriel Herrera Angela J. Peel Mark Scott
Rodesia Eaves A. J. Gil Nikki McKibbin
Natalie Burge Tenia Taylor Christopher Badano
Brad Estrin Alexandra Bachelier Melanie Sanders
Ryan Starr Jazmin Lowery EJay Day
Justinn Waddell Jamar Tanesha Ross
Kelli Glover Kelly Clarkson Khaleef Chiles
Christopher Aaron Justin Guarini Christina Christian
Wild Card

Top 10 (Motown)

Top 8 (1960s)
Kelli Glover Ryan Starr R.J. Helton
Chris Aaron R.J. Helton Tamyra Gray
Alexis Stone Lopez Nikki McKibbin Nikki McKibbin
R.J. Helton EJay Day A.J. Gil
Angela J. Peel Tamyra Gray Kelly Clarkson
  Justin Guarini Christina Christian
  Jim Verraros Justin Guarini
  Kelly Clarkson Ryan Starr
  A.J. Gil Result show
  Christina Christian  
Top7 (1970s) Top 6(Big Band) Top 5(Burt Bacharach Love Songs)
Nikki McKibbin Tamyra Gray Kelly Clarkson
Ryan Starr Justin Guarini R.J. Helton
Christina Christian Nikki McKibbin Tamyra Gray
Justin Guarini Christina Christian Justin Guarini
Kelly Clarkson R.J. Helton Nikki McKibbin
R.J. Helton Kelly Clarkson  
Tamyra Gray    

Top 3 (Idols choice, Judges Choice)

Top 2 (Finale)
Tamyra Gray Nikki McKibbin Justin Guarini
Nikki McKibbin Justin Guarini Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson Kelly Clarkson  
Justin Guarini    

  Winner: Kelly Clarkson

  Runner-up: Justin Guarini

  American Idol Season 1 Elimination Chart

Did Not Perform Top 30 Wild Card Top 10


Stage: Semi-Finals WC American Idol Season 1 Finals
Week: 6/12 6/19 6/26 7/3 7/17 7/24 7/31 8/7 8/14 8/21 8/28 9/4
Place Contestant Result
1 Kelly Clarkson   Top 10                   Winner
2 Justin Guarini   Top 10         Btm 2         Runner-Up
3 Nikki McKibbin     Top 10   Btm 3   Btm 3 Btm 3 Btm 2 Btm 2 Elim  
4 Tamyra Gray Top 10                 Elim  
5 RJ Helton     WC Top 10       Btm 2 Elim  
6 Christina Cristian     Top 10     Btm 3   Elim  
7 Ryan Starr Top 10         Btm 2 Elim  
8 A.J. Gil   Top 10       Elim  
9-10 Jim Verraros Top 10       Elim  
EJay Day     Top 10    
Chris Aaron WC     Elim  
Kelli Glover WC      
Alexis Lopez   WC    
Angela J. Peel   WC    
Christopher Badano     Elim  
Khaleef Chiles      
Kristin Holt      
Melanie Sanders      
Mark Scott      
Tanesha Ross      
Alexandra Bachelier   Elim  
Jazmin Lowery    
Gil Sinuet    
Tenia Taylor    
Natalie Burge Elim  
Rodesia Eaves  
Brad Estrin  
Adriel Herrera  
Justinn Waddell  

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