All You Need Is Love Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Episode 14

Grey’s Anatomy Season 8

Aired on: ABC
Time & Slot: 10 P.M. ET, Thursday
Last aired episode on: 02/09/2012
Episode Name: All You need is love

All You Need Is Love Greys Anatomy Season 8 Episode 14

The Grey’s Anatomy team celebrated Valentine’s Day in this week’s episode “All You need is love”.

Meredith and Derek are adjusting to the new lives as parents and finds hard quality time for them as a couple. In the hospital, Meredith treats a patient suffering from headache with seizures which has a bad impact on her brain. Derek and Meredith put her in medically induced coma to prevent brain damage.

Callie on the other hand plans for a romantic getaway with Arizona .Christina and Owen were in a bad mood as they have not yet sorted out their differences after Zola’s birthday party. They even did not acknowledge each other’s presence. But, fate had something else stored for Christina as a truck crashed into the hospital wall where Christina would have been crushed, but has escaped with little scratches without any major injury. The truck driver needed immediate surgery as he developed hernia.Christina, Owen and Teddy operated on him. As we all know these three people do not get along as Christina was the surgeon of Teddy’s husband and he died during the same.

Naturally the operation room was far from cool but the three doctors could save the driver.

Owen was guilt ridden and apologized to Teddy for whatever has happened to her husband. But Teddy gave him very harsh reply telling him that she wishes he was dead.

Owen then decides to stay with his mother until everything between him and Christina are sorted out.

Alex on the other hand treated a girl who had allergic reaction from peanut brittle which her valentine gifted her.

Webber came to celebrate both Valentine’s Day and his anniversary with his wife, but she did not even recognize him as she is an Alzheimer’s patient. The disappointed Webber then comes to hospital to help Bailey in her surgery so that she could have dinner with Ben.

Lexi spent Valentine’s Day babysitting Zola. She decides to tell Sloan how she feels for him and goes to his apartment only to find many other people there.

Callie brings Arizona to Derek’s trailer for a romantic night. 

Christina tries to open up to Owen and asks him not to hate her. They both embrace each other. The following episodes will say if their marriage can survive.