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Academy Awards Venue

Date - Sunday, February 26, 2012
Venue - Kodak Theatre Hollywood, Los Angeles, California

The Academy Awards are known to be the biggest honor given in Hollywood for films. This year the awards will be hosted at the Kodak Theatre. The Kodak Theatre has witnessed many Academy Awards since 2001. This theatre is known for dining and entertainment; it is situated in the North Highlands Avenue in Los Angeles in Hollywood.

The first Oscar Awards was in 1927 at the popular Roosevelt Hotel. From then on, it has been a long journey in different venues for the Academy Awards till it found a permanent venue to host the awards.

Kodak theatre was first opened on November 9th, 2001. It has been known to hold the greatest and biggest Academy Award Ceremonies, The Oscars. Since then it has been a permanent resident for all the award functions. Kodak Theatre has also been home for American Idol since 2002.

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Samuel Goldwyn Theater Linwood Dunn Theater


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The Kodak Theatre was first designed by David Rockwell from the Rockwell Group. The theatre has a seating capacity for 3,401 people. It has one of the largest stage in the United States which is 113 feet wide (34 m) by 60 feet deep (18 m). The Eastman Kodak company sponsored the theatre and paid $75 to make sure that its name was associated to the building. The Kodak Theatre was later owned by CIM Group.

This theatre is known to be a venue for many television and theatre performance. The advisers and architect have taken a lot of interest with many well known production personnel’s in Hollywood. This has given way to an amazing infrastructure system which includes the underground cable bunker. This cable bunker goes underground to check the locations of the adjacent streets, substantial power and accessibility. In the orchestra seating area you will see that the theatre has unique sound, cameras and a stage management cockpit. All these have been designed by Rockwell.

The Kodak Theatre has the Grand Staircase entrance with columns that highlight the names of all winners of the Academy Awards for Best Picture since 1927 to 1928. It also has a few blank spaces to display the future winners for the Best Picture in the 21st century. On regular days a person may not be able to trace this place easily. But before the grand Academy Awards start, the Kodak Theatre is “dressed” before the ceremony. It would have a completely different look, draperies and the well known red carpet.

Weeks before the Oscars night, the Kodak Theatre is rented out to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. After this major event, for the remaining months the theatre hosts many live award shows, live concerts, performances and many such functions. Now the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles has replaced the Kodak Theatre by 7,000 seats. This replacement took place in 2007 as Nokia Theatre can accommodate a large crowd and hold many such events. Now most of the shows and events that were earlier hosted at the Kodak Theatre are now being held at the Nokia theatre which includes the American Idol finals.

What is still more attractive about the Kodak Theatre is the red carpet. Other than the luxurious interiors that it has, people flock to see actors, actress, producers and directors walking on the red carpet.