A Thin Line Criminal Minds Season 7 Episode 15

Criminal Minds Season 7 Episode 15

Aired on: CBS
Time & Slot: Wednesday 9PM ET
Last aired episode: “A thin line”: 02/22/2012

A Thin Line Criminal Minds Season 7 Episode 15

A thin line deals with a series of burglary and murders of many families in San Bernardino, California. In two families tow assailants were found dead and both deceased have oxycodone in their blood. But nothing else seems familiar. The team visits the crime scene and analyzes each death. They speak to the father of an assailant and he tells them that his son though troubled would never have done such things. The team realizes that these cases aren’t about breaking in and burglary but they are trying to send in some sort of message that neighborhood black thugs are after the white families.

On the other hand a young boy picks up a Mexican man to help driving to an isolated area, leaves him drugged.

Then after two days there is a new crime where the same Mexican man is lying dead and it seems his homeowner has killed him. The team thinks the murders are to instill fear and are hate crimes.

The Profiling is done and the unsub is a white man who can be an Aryan or an ex cop, who is physically fit, has access to oxycodone and wants to incite a race war. He might have a nursing license.

Meanwhile the unsub is highly impressed and influence by a politician named Clark Preston who preaches about browning of America and other racist stuff. Morgan and Hotch sees his video and think that the suspect is influenced by him and so they decide to interview Preston.

The interview does not go well and he does not say anything important. Clark then goes and meets the unsub, named Trevor and asks him to slow down the campaign.

Penelope finds out that Clark is very rich and a corrupt man. Morgan thinks he is involved in the current murders.

Again there is a crime in the neighbourhood.But this time the drugged person gets away and reaches Prentiss and tells her about Trevor. Mean while Preston asks Trevor to go underground. The team now searches for Trevor’s vehicle and locate it.

Garcia finds that Trevor’s family was burglarized 10 years ago and in the incident his father and sister were killed and his mother was raped. Since then Clark has taken care of the family and he has turned Trevor into a murderer.

The team finally nabs Trevor and Preston both.