A Short History of Decay Movie

A Short History of Decay
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Director: Michael Maren

Producer: Alfred Sapse

Language: English

Genre : Comedy

A Short History of Decay Movie Release Date :

Cinematography by

Nancy Schreiber

Film Editing by

Timothy Snell

Casting by

Ferne Cassel

Production Design by

Matthew Petersen


Emmanuelle Chriqui - Erika Bryce
Bryan Greenberg - Nathan Fisher
Kathleen Rose Perkins - Shelly
Linda Lavin - Sandy Fisher
Harris Yulin - Bob Fisher
Nicholas Pryor - The Man in White
Rebecca Dayan - Alex
Anthony Reynolds - Dr. Black
Nick Flynn - Himself
Barbara Weetman - Bartender
David Schifter - Law Firm Attorney
Carla Mahaffee Stanley - Erika's Friend
Benjamin King - Jack Fisher
Michael Cunningham - Himself
Eli Walker

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1st January 1970