World Top Software Companies

World Top Software Companies are challenging in a great deal with all others to clutch the increasingly growing world software market. With the help of exceptionally skilled software professionals, the World Top Software Companies are providing all kinds software solutions to their giant clients.

Long since World has been experiencing an innovative industry. Software Industry, from the time when it started the development is extraordinary and the software industry has turned out to be one of the vital industries in the world. And all the software companies investing an enormous share in the world stock exchange.

In general, all the Software Companies provide Software Solutions to their clients irrespective of the software, which might be either open source software or proprietary software. Majority of software companies develop software and sell that for commercial purposes. A large number of the times, the commercial software are proprietary software except open source or free software is also utilized for commercial purposes.

World Major and Top Software Companies are:

  • Accenture (Bermuda)
  • Adobe Systems (USA)
  • Advantest (Japan)
  • ASML Holding (Netherlands)
  • Autodesk (USA)
  • CA (USA)
  • Capgemini (France)
  • Check Point Software (Israel)
  • CSK (Japan)
  • Dassault Systems (France)
  • First Data (USA)
  • Google (USA)
  • IBM (USA)
  • Infosys (India)
  • Intuit (USA) TCS (India)
  • Microsoft (USA)
  • Oracle Corporation (USA)
  • SAP (Germany)
  • Soft Bank (Japan)
  • Symantec Corporation (USA)
  • The Sage Group (UK)
  • Wipro (India)
  • Yahoo (USA)

The prime job of all these software companies is to develop software for different functions depending on the requirement of the clients.

The following domains are the software companies serve for

  • Banking
  • Customs
  • Game
  • Legal / Government Administration.
  • Medical
  • Publishing
  • Retail
  • Stock market
  • Traveling

Identical to Software Development Market, there is an emerging industry in many countries is Software Outsourcing or Offshore Software Development. Outsourcing means distributing the non-core software operations to a few external companies that are specific in handling such software development. Software Development Offshore is a distinctive task to this new technology era. The software teams are well prepared with skilled employees and developing the expert quality and user friendly software is currently a global business with.

Major countries that are involved in Software across the world are:

  • France
  • Germany
  • India
  • Japan
  • UK
  • USA