Wireless Network

What is a Wireless Network?

A kind of network which has interconnections between nodes without using a wire is called a wireless network.

In this methodology the network is established with the help of electromagnetic waves such as radio waves, LAN connections etc.

Wireless network is the wireless connections only, due to which the integrated network has became a reality, by allowing the changes to the data in the network.

The prime focus of the connection is the network and the user aspect. Wireless network has been a great help to the user by freeing the cord connectivity thus converting it to wireless connections like mobile networks, radio networks, telecommunications, wireless LAN’s etc.

So it ultimately provides us with the convenience of connectivity any time any where.

Types of Wireless Networks

Wireless LAN: Wirelss lan is a wireless local area network which uses radio waves for data transmission between computers of the same network.

Wireless MAN: Wirelss man is a Metropolitan area network that connects the computer of various local area networks


 Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM): All the cellular phones are are based on GSM wireless connections

D-AMPS: D-AMPS is another wireless, Digital Advanced Mobile Phone Service

Personal Communications Service (PCS): Personal Communications Service (PCS) is a radio band which is a facility for mobile users is also an example of wireless network connection.


  • So with the use of all such technologies of wireless networks, information could be sent globally to all the parts of the world
  • The information is being sent through the satellites within no time.
  • Consequently, the networks are developing and spreading significantly.
  • Wireless networks are a boon to the police department also to convey the information immediately across their stations and personnel.
  • Internet is the biggest achievement of the wireless network invention. Even the remote areas can remain connected through each other via internet.


  • The excessive usage of the mobile phones is hazardous to health.
  • The long term exposure to the electo-magnetic radiation can prove fatal and create health problems like memory loss poor concentration, nausea and cancer.
  • So, the use should be optimum and over usage should be avoided.