Windows Live

Windows Live is a shared registered trademark for a set of software products as well as services brought to the users by Microsoft as a part of their software plus services platform. A bulk of these services includes web applications that can be easily accessed from a browser. Other client-side binary applications call for the installation of the same on a user’s PC. When Windows live was put to use on 1st November 2005, several of its properties were given a new corporate image and thereby enhanced from Microsoft’s MSN set of products and services. The services rendered by windows Live can be categorized into 3 sections:

  • Windows Live services
  • Mobile services
  • Live Mesh

Windows Live services (incorporated and working)

Service Website Description
Windows Live Account Used for updating Windows Live identity as well as managing Windows Live relationship of the individual user
Windows Live Admin Center Provides web site owners with the service of email hosting
Windows Live Alerts Service that sends updates of information to the user’s e-mail inbox, mobile device or messenger
Windows Live Calendar Time management service that permits the users to organize appointments, set reminders, share their calendar events and set reminders.
Windows Live Call   Constituent of Windows Live Messenger
Windows Live Essentials It is a suite of Windows Live software applications. The user is required to install the essentials through a single installer that provides the user with separate options so that the user can select and install the applications he or she wishes.
Windows Live Family Safety Parental control feature
Windows Live FrameIt Live FrameIT service helps the users to modify the delivery of content by extending the functionality of digital photo frame devices from a multitude of sources like RSS feeds.
Windows Live Gallery It is the nerve center for the collections of developer’s add-ons for Windows Live products.
Windows Live Groups Enables the users to form or create social groups for sharing, discussing and coordinating different activities.
Windows Live Home Live Home is a central location from where the users can easily get access to Windows Live Services and perform other activities like monitoring the status information and navigating to other websites as well as Windows Live Services.
Windows Live Hotmail A webmail service (free of any costs) using AJAX technology that features email, contacts and calendar services.
Windows Live ID Works with Windows Live services and allows multiple sign-ins with several accounts.
Windows Live Mail A desktop mail client with full RSS support.
Windows Live Messenger Live messenger is all about instant messaging, outgoing Voice over IP client and personal file sharing
Windows Live Movie Maker A video editing software with additional enhancements that make video editing easier.
Windows Live People A contact book service that helps the users to keep a track of their contacts and synchronize the information.
Windows Live Photo Gallery Helps the users to post photos or images to soapbox and windows Live Spaces. Additional features make the task easier.
Windows Live Photos A photo storage service that lets the users to upload as well as share their albums and pictures with other users.
Windows Live Profile A service that allows the users to manage their profile information and display information, recent activities and relationship with other users (Windows Live).
Windows live SkyDrive A password protected sharing service and online file storage, that Includes Windows Live Photos and Office Web Applications for the purpose of managing photographs and several other office documents.
Windows Live Spaces An AJAX based version of social networking, photo sharing and blogging.
Windows Live Sync A file sharing and synchronization service.
Windows Live Toolbar A toolbar that adds itself to Windows Internet Explorer thereby allowing a quick access to a user’s windows live services.
Windows Live Video Messages Live Video Messages is a service, which combines e-mail with digital video thereby allowing the users to create, send as well as receive messages in the form of videos from anyone in their contact list.
Windows Live Writer It is a desktop blog publishing tool

Windows Live Mobile Services

Windows Live Mobile services are a set of customised services brought to the users by Windows Live services exclusively for mobile devices. These services are offered through three channels:

  • Client-based (for Windows Mobile)
  • Web-based (for WAP or GPRS enabled mobile web browsers)
  • SMS based services

Some of the services circumscribed by the Windows Live Mobile services are explained in the following table:

Mobile service Client web SMS
Windows Live calendar mobile     yes
Windows Live Home Mobile   Yes  
Windows live hotmail mobile yes yes yes
Windows Live Messenger Mobile yes yes Yes
Windows Live Photos Mobile yes yes  
Windows live profile mobile   Yes  
Windows live people mobile yes yes Yes
Windows live spaces mobile   Yes  
Live Mesh Mobile yes yes  

Windows Live Mesh

Live mesh is software that poses as a service platform enabling the PCs and other devices to connect with each other via the internet. The software allows synchronization of people, applications and devices across a multitude of devices with the help of cloud computing and FeedSync technologies. It comes with a Mesh operating environment, Live Desktop, Live Mesh Remote Desktop, Live Framework et cetera.

Windows Live Search services

Windows live search services include search engines that are created by Windows Live services to help a user get as much information as he or she needs on various subjects. Bing is a replacement of the search engine known as Live Search.

Windows Live Developer services

Development services include live services, which is a development center as well as supplier of software development kits for Windows live Platform that proffers the developers with application programming interfaces, sample codes and documentation for various Windows Live Services. It comes with Windows Live Quick Applications.

Windows Live Themes

Windows live comes in a variety of eye-appealing and user-friendly themes. Some of these themes are:

Blue vapour/flair

It is the original theme that is no longer seen in any of the current Windows live properties.  The image below is an example of the theme

Windows live wave 2

Wave refers to the wave or group of products that are to be released. Windows Live Wave 2 was brought to public view to enable features like the Aero transparency effect in Windows Vista. The following image is an example of the theme.

Windows Live Wave 3

Windows Live wave 3 lets the users to modify their Windows Live pages with the help of background pictures that are already selected by default or manually. An example of the theme is illustrated in the image below.

Windows Live Wave 4

Windows Live Wave 4, after its release is packed up to come out with additional enhancements that will help the users to customize their pages on Windows Live. Its header would feature a dynamic navigation menu that would display the number of user’s online contacts as well as the number of unread mails.

Conclusion about Windows Live

Windows Live is a customized way of staying in connection with several users from across the globe. It is an easier way of communication that poses to bridge the gap between people and distance plus speed.