Windows 98 Operating System

  • Windows 98 whose internal version is 4.10 is regarded as the successor and the revised version of Windows 95.
  • It boasts as modernization mainly about the detail developments and bug fixes.
  • The hardware component is improved with USB support and the operation of several displays is possible presently.
  • Windows 98 is arranged for DVD movies and for the vision of DVD Movies separate software should be installed.
  • If Windows 3 x or Windows 95 is already installed then the update to the most recent Windows Release is supported.
  • FAT32 is recommended for the file system for the installation of Windows 98.
  • Windows 98 can be reorganized to DirectX 9.0 and the Internet Explorer 6.

Basic Attributes:

  • Comprehensive assistance for the connection to networks
  • Web optimized, networking through VPN
  • Incorporated Internet Explorer 4.0
  • Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)

Configuration Information:

  • File size up to 4 g byte
  • 32-bit operating system, with 16 Bit Code
  • Up to 512 m byte RAM addressable

Region of Application:

  • PC Games
  • Home user
  • Network customer
  • Office utilization

System atmosphere:

  • Lowest Hardware Requirements like 16 m byte RAM 300 m byte hard disk storage
  • Active Desktop for the Web incorporation in Windows
  • New driver model WDM (Win32 Driver Model), enhanced for the same driver base for Windows NT and 98 in 1996
  • Maintenance supporter, hard disk sustain
  • Chore planer, time controlled start from programs
  • Multi monitoring Support (up to 4)
  • File system FAT16, improved usage FAT32, access to NTFS and Linux ext2 file system with 3rd party tools
  • Game line DirectX 5.0
  • x86 CPUs and companionable
  • ACPI Power save mode partly supported
  • Preemptive multitasking for 32-bit applications
  • Cooperative multitasking for 16-bit programs


  • Very high number of software and device drivers
  • Plug and play, back up for contemporary hardware like USB, Fire wire IEEE 1394
  • High compatibility to DOS, limited NT and Windows 3.x
  • Incorporated ICM or Image Color Management

To Install Windows 98 the Product Requirements:

  • The "Microsoft Windows 98 Upgrade" product is obtainable on CD-ROM.
  • When it is used, the Windows 98 Upgrade version, a copy of the preceding version of Windows on CD-ROM or on floppy disks for the quality-check method during Setup should be kept before hand.
  • The qualifying version of Windows on CD-ROM or on floppy disks should be available before running the Setup.
  • A Windows 98 Startup disk to install the product should also be present during set up.
  • The "Microsoft Windows 98 for PCs without Windows" product is obtainable on CD-ROM and Windows 98 Startup disk is integrated with the product.

Hardware Requirements to Install Windows 98:

  • 16 megabytes (MB) of memory
  • 486DX 66-MHz or faster processor
  • CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive
  • Video adapter and monitor that support VGA or higher resolution
  • 195 MB of free hard disk space the necessary space may vary from 120 MB to 295 MB
  • According to the computer's configuration and the alternative have to be chosen to install
  • Microsoft Mouse or attuned pointing device
  • 3.5-inch high-density floppy disk drive

CMOS Antivirus Utility:

It is significant to immobilize any CMOS antivirus efficacy that is enabled on the computer before running the Setup.

Drive Overlay Software:

If the computer utilizes drive superimpose software to facilitate large hard disk support, the drive overlay software must be installed before installing Windows 98.

System Updates and Device Drivers:

To make sure that the hardware and software is well-matched with Windows 98, verification of the new drivers, Basic Input Output System (BIOS), or patches for hardware and software is required before running the Setup.

Windows 98 System File Checker Problem:

  • The system file checker utility (SFC.EXE) verifies the reliability of system files whether it boasts a problem that may make the computer unbootable or trigger a protection fault error message.
  • The problem frequently pop up when the SFC program is used to restore some Windows 98 system files such as KRNL386.EXE, or USER.EXE - from a Windows 98 CAB file.
  • To solve the problem, shut down the computer, the Windows 98 startup disk should be inserted, and the computer should be restarted.
  • From the choices menu, "Start Computer with CD-ROM Support" should be selected.
  • In the DOS prompt, use the EXTRACT command to obtain the preferred file from the correct CAB file.
  • If the computer is under the usage of proprietary hardware then Windows 98 on a clean hard disk should be installed.
  • But before installing the retail version of Windows 98 on the computer, the hardware producer and verification of other not known issues should be thoroughly checked.