Windows 10 Operating System

How to Upgrade to New Windows 10

Windows 10 has many different features than its previous Windows generations. Microsoft prefers to call it as a “Service” because of its constant updates. Windows 10 allows automatic downloads and installation, disparate to earlier versions of Windows that allowed the user for selective set up of updates. This Windows version allows the user only with the option to reboot the system mechanically when it is dormant. The user can choose to be notified later to schedule a reboot. Windows 10 user is also facilitated to make use of the peer-to-peer update provided it’s in their LAN.

Minimum Requirements to Upgrade

Windows 10 mandates few requirements to upgrade to which are;

  1. A Computer with 1 Gigahertz processor
  2. A hard drive that accommodates the upgrade
  3. Graphics cards with Direct X9 or a Windows Display Driver Model 1.0
  4. Windows 10 requires a Microsoft account for few elements
  5. The resolution of the application limits the number of applications to be snapped
  6. An internet access
  7. For windows 10 Pro, a USB flash drive is necessary for BitLocker

Systems That Support Free Version of Windows 10

Any system that has the following features can support free version of Windows 10

  1. 1Gigahertz or faster
  2. A 32-bit or 64-bit RAM
  3. 16 GB hard disk
  4. Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM drivers

What’s New in Windows 10, Its Merits and Demerits

Windows 10 is an improved version and vision in the prospect of computing along with an operating system that suits both tablets and PCs. And most importantly, upgrading to Windows 10 is free for most users.

Thumbs up- Windows 10 is your window to the world that assists a person to stay in touch with PCs and tablets without isolating anyone. Windows 10 operating system is a comprehensive package of the old and new Windows features shunning the loopholes of Windows 8. Upgrade to Windows 10 is easy and free of cost to the users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Thumbs down- The features of Windows 10 take a backseat for users who are not so keen about the touch screen. Repeated and forced updates might create a hitch later on. Windows 10 Cortana’s features go well only with smartphones.

What is the new application about Cortana and the specification on countries that can access speech recognition which work on your speech

Cortana is an intellectual special assistant constructed by Microsoft specifically for Windows 8.1, Microsoft Band, Windows 10, iOS, Android and the Xbox One. With the Cortana feature, the user can set reminders. Plus, the Cortana is acquainted with the natural voice of the user without he/she having fed the command. Cortana answers to the query of the user searching for information from Bing. Hints of Windows 8.1 universal Bing SmartSearch can be seen in Cortana only to swap preceding Bing Search app that is turned on when the user clicks on the “Search” button. Music recognition is one of the features of Cortana. In addition to this, Cortana can also “roll a dice” and “flip a coin”. The Concert Watch feature of Cortana finds bands or musicians and recommends them as per your taste and interest in Bing searches. Cortana incorporates with the Microsoft Band and Windows Phone when attached through Bluetooth.

Cortana pays precise attention to the area it is working in since it familiarizes its voice to go with the language used every day, the culture and vocalization prototype of the country the user resides in. Cortana is currently available in below mentioned languages in the corresponding countries;

  • English in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and India
  • German in Germany
  • Italian in Italy
  • Spanish in Spain and Mexico
  • French in France
  • Mandarin Chinese in China
  • Portuguese in Brazil
  • Japanese in Japan

How to Enable Cortana and Usage

To enable Cortana usage, the following procedure has to be followed;

  1. Change the ‘Region and Language’ settings by going to desktop control panel and then selecting Clock, Language and Region.
  2. Click in Region to make the following changes.
  • Set format as English (United States) by going to the Format tab
  • Set location as United States by clicking the Home Location
  • Set Current System Local to English after clicking on the Administrative tab
  • To make the above mentioned changes work, set English (United States) as your main display language.

Once the changes have been made, restart your PC to find Cortana ready at your service to find information you are looking for. In addition to this, it is necessary to sign in Microsoft account to communicate with Cortana.

What Are the Improved Features in Windows 10

The Windows 10 has enhanced itself to incorporate new features such as the;

  • Start menu
  • Virtual desktop
  • Metro apps on the Desktop
  • Desktop interface overhaul
  • Improved snapping