Toddlers Games for Ipad

With so many online games available in the market today, it is difficult to know which ones to choose. Your toddler is also included in the games that are on offer because there is a whole range of online games for toddlers. Since different applications may have different compatibility features, you need to select the games in line with your device. Here are a few toddler games for Ipad.


Among other puzzle games, the toddler gets to learn about different types of animals in this vibrant interactive game.

Shape Game

Featuring Tulli a lovable pink slug, the game involves completing a picture by tapping bits and pieces together. The complete picture appears which then falls to pieces and the child must reconstruct it. Words of encouragement are supplied by Tulli.

Music Sparkles

This game is aimed at teaching the child about musical instruments. The different musical intsruments appear in attractive colors and the child can play them like real instruments to get the feel and sound of them.

VocabuLarry’s Things Go Game

Here different modes of transportation are featured such as a ship and truck. The game is made more interesting with the appearance of a parrot from time to time.

Laugh & Learn Where’s the Puppy’s Nose?

This game teaches the child about the different parts of animals like the tail, nose, eyes, paws and so on. There is a choice of animals like a puppy or kitten and the child is encouraged by the words, “Great Job!” when the correct body part is identified.

Laugh and Learn Animal Sounds

Another animal game but this time based on animal sounds. Different animals appear on the screen and the toddler can interact with these animals while identifying them, learning their respective sounds in the process.

Laugh and Learn Let’s Count Animals

This game will teach the toddler how to count to ten in a fun way. The child is encouraged to count the number of animals which appear on the screen and even if the concept of numbers has not yet developed, the child will have lots of fun with the different animals.