Toddlers Games for Boys

Once children start walking, they are called toddlers. The actual age when a child learns to walk varies from one child to another which is usually between the ages of 1 to 3 years. This particular stage of development is very critical and eventful for any child. It is an age when the child experiences a new-found freedom of being able to walk around freely.

The cognitive skills exhibit rapid development and the child starts communicating in a big way. There is rapid physical development as well. Due to all these factors, it is important to nurture the all-round development of the child though activities and games.

Toddler Games

As the child’s personality starts developing even from this tender age, the first distinguishing factor that becomes apparent is the difference between male and female behavior. Due to this, it is important to identify preferences on a gender-wise basis in order to allow the child to participate in activities in which they are most comfortable. Here we take a look at toddler games for boys.

There is a vast collection of online games for toddlers available on the internet. While many of these games are free, others are available on a payable basis. International brands like Funskool and Fisher-Price have realized the potential of the online game market and have effectively tapped it.

  • Toddler games should be simple but engaging. A toddler will play alongside other children but will not play with them. Hence, most toddler games are individual in nature.
  • Soft toys are a sure shot with toddlers and are in fact a unisex choice.
  • Pull-along toys like model cars and trucks and animals mounted on wheels are also a great choice of toy for toddlers.
  • Building blocks are suitable toddler games for boys. The toddler will get great pleasure form building a stack of blocks, knocking it down and then repeating the process.
  • Games which involve fitting different shapes together are also suitable toddler games for boys.