Toddlers Games for Android

The online games market is a multi-billion dollar business today. Recognizing the success that dedicated gaming companies met with, even the traditional toy companies have ventured into the world of online games. With so much to choose from, a bit of extra information comes in handy.

Here we take a look at a few toddler games for Android applications.

Ant Smasher Game

This game involves squishing the virtual ants with your finger or thumb. It is a great way for improving the toddler’s motor skills.

AniWorld Animal Game

This game is all about recognizing the animals and associating them with the sound they make. It is meant to improve the toddler’s cognitive skills.

Toddler Fun

This game contains 4 mini games. It is a kind of a drawing game which includes audio-visual features like stars and fireworks which appear as the child gets engaged in the interactive drawing features.

Toddler Dinosaurs

A variety of dinosaurs appear on the screen and the toddler can interact with what is happening such as creating bubbles in the water and hatching dinosaur eggs. The child gets to learn names of the different dinosaurs.

Toddler Symphony

Here, different musical instruments make their respective sounds when touched with the finger. The child learns about different musical instruments at a young age.

Toddler Travel

Your toddler will have a great time interacting with more than 12 different modes of transportation. There are lots of vehicles and animals which the toddler can move across the screen. The child becomes familiar with the different modes of transport.

ABC Toddler

This is an alphabet game. It features funny animals and alphabets. A great way for your toddler to get initiated into the world of letters. Each letter makes the corresponding animal appear in a dancing form such as ‘A’ for alligator and ‘D’ for donkey and so on.


These games and more are the ones available as toddler games for Android. Today, there is an unlimited stock of such games for the overall development of the child.