Software Companies in China

China has a very robust and vibrant software industry which is involved with the business of publishing and developing software related products and services. According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology China’s Software Industry is worth $493 U.S. Billion. The Country’s main software hub is the capital Beijing. Guangdong province, Jiangsu province and Dalian city are the other major software hubs. The China Software Industry Association (CSIA) is the main regulatory body in the Chinese software economy. Its main aim is to promote the development of software industry in the country.

Current Software Scenario

There has been a rapid growth in the Software Industry as the government has increased spending in the IT segment which includes mainly the industrial units and the banking sector. The 3G and the 4G Telecom Services has a major role in boosting the software industry. The capacity for various Enterprise software markets which includes the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), etc. is also growing rapidly in the Chinese Software market. The Enterprise sector is dominated by ERP, accounting, and SCM software, which accounted for 79.2% of the total market revenue as on 2009.

The software outsourcing market in China has shown a rapid growth with the revenues nearly touching $60 billion U.S. as on 2015. Japan is the largest importer (almost 60%) of Chinese software followed by the U.S. The software industry has also seen a major growth due to the government encouragement policy and the huge Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) inflow into the economy.

Future Software Scenario

The software industry in recent times has seen a major spurt of growth in the mobile ERP segment. The ongoing expansion of the 3G network along with the government’s initiative to increase its 4G network capability has increased the use of mobile ERP.

The Supply Chain Management (SCM) in the Chinese market has also seen a dramatic rise with the multinationals. With their expertise and experience they are trying to gain access to the large number of Chinese multinationals.

Another arena where the Chinese software industry is venturing into is the Enterprise Private Clouds. Large companies build their Management Information Systems (MIS) with the construction of private clouds, which will be the major development trend for big domestic players in the coming years. 

List of Software Companies in China

Software Companies in Beijing Software Companies in Fujian
AsiaInfo Xiamen Xindeco Ltd
Beijing Topsec Ltd Software Companies in Jiangsu
China Electronics Corporation (CEC) Linkage Technology Co Ltd
China National Software & Service Co Ltd (CS&S) Newgrand Software Co
iSoftstone Technologies Ltd Dextrys
Kingsoft Sun Wah Linux Ltd
Newgrand Software Co Software Companies in Shanghai
Ninetowns Infosec Technologies Co Ltd
TongTech Ipedo
ZCOM Shanghai Kayang Information System Co Ltd
Tencent VeriSilicon
Beijing Rising International Software Co, Ltd PANSKY
Chinasoft International Ltd (ICSS) Qianlong Technology International Holdings Ltd
Digital China Red Flag Software Co Ltd
Infosec Technologies Co Ltd Saybot
Petro-CyberWorks Information Technology Company Software Companies in Guangdong
Rainbow Neusoft
SAP Tencent
Shinetech Software Development Great Wall Technology Company Ltd
Sun Wah Linux Ltd Infosec Technologies Co Ltd
Yucheng Technologies Ltd (YTEC) Kingdee International Software Group Company Ltd
Beijing Lingtu Software Co PANSKY
Founder Electronics Platinum China
PANSKY Red Flag Software Co Ltd
Platinum China Software Companies in Hong Kong
Red Flag Software Co Ltd CDC Corporation
Transpac Technology Inc Vanda Group
Software Companies in Liaoning Automated Systems Holdings Ltd (ASL)
Hisoft Cyberspace Ltd
Neusoft iAsia Online Systems Ltd
Dalian Hi-Think Computer Technology Corp (DHC) Jardine OneSolution (2001) Pte Ltd
Software Companies in Sichuan Jardine OneSolution (JOS)
Neusoft Sun Wah Linux Ltd
Software Companies in Shaanxi EG Group
Newgrand Software Co Platinum China
Software Companies in Tianjin Qianlong Technology International Holdings Ltd
Newgrand Software Co Sys Solutions
Software Companies in Hunan Software Companies in Zhejiang
Greatwall Information Industry Co Ltd (GWI) HangZhou Sunyard System Engineering Co Ltd
Software Companies in Shandong  
Inspur (formerly LangChao Group)  


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