Software Companies in Canada

Standing with the wealthiest nations of the world, Canada is the fourteenth largest economy over the world. Software companies are one of the impacting factors of the economy of the country. Around 8000 software companies are in the country providing support to Canada’s position in the changing global economy.

Effect of software companies on Canada economy

According to ‘Emerging company services’ report, Canadian companies receive only 39% of the dollars that are paid to the American competitors of Canada. Yet, the software companies sector is sharing 32.4% in revenues i.e., 43 billion dollars, 39.4% in GDP, 61.7% of employment, 40% in research and development among the sub-sectors of Information and Communication Technology fields of the country. The average annual earnings of the software companies were $85,424. Around 15 billion of software as well as computer services are reported in the exports during 2014.

Major working aspects of the software companies

Software publishers, Computer systems design, Accounting software, data processing, e-health technology, mobile-software development and entertainment software are the major works of Canadian software companies.

Video gaming is one of the aspects that brought reputation to Canada. Canada possesses talented human resources that the country has the third largest number of employees working on gaming, in the world. The companies of the nation take up all the task of gaming like designing and engineering the components etc.

According to Chris O’Neill, Managing Director, Google Canada, “Canada is one of the world’s leaders in mobile- software development. Venture capitalists have started taking note.” The arrival of tablets, gaming consoles, success of motion-sensor games, increased use of smart phones have boosted the entertainment software industry’s development.

Current atmosphere and trends of software in Canada

Many major software companies are looking towards Canada and few of the companies have already placed their offices in the country. 30 companies out of 50 companies that won Employees’ Choice Awards (U.S.), have their offices in Canada. The tax rates are favorable that the world class companies of software sector are paying interest in Canada. Most of the reputed software companies have set up their offices in Canada.

The companies follow the contemporary trends regularly and update with the computing advancements like cloud computing, SOA etc.

The technology salaries have seen minimum 4% percent growth for all job positions during 2014-15 and few of the roles like Mobile Application Developer has the growth of 9%.

Future aspect

It was forecasted that Canada would spend $93 billion (in U.S. dollars) on software services in 2015, considering the increasing rate till date, and this would be 2.3 percent increase as per 2014 spending. Even after providing the good per cent of employment opportunities, the software companies are facing the lack of stuffed staff who can work on big projects and they are trying to overcome this, planning different strategies. Data driven strategies, technology enabled benefit programs, big data, niche job boards, data security management are few of the further hiring trends from the insiders of the industry which would help them to deal with the issue.

The expectations of the future developments are a bit high comparing with the advancement of the technology that the two decades has seen; but the companies as well as R&D departments are trying to meet the expectations.

Canadian Software Companies List by Province

Top 25 Canadian Software Companies

Rank Company Name City Province
1 OpenText Waterloo ON
2 Constellation Software Toronto ON
3 Mitel Ottawa ON
4 Toronto ON
5 Enghouse Markham ON
6 Amaya Gaming Group Pointe-Claire QC
7 Redknee Mississauga Ontario
8 Descartes Systems Group Waterloo ON
9 ACCEO Solutions Montreal QC
10 Vision Critical Vancouver BC
11 Logibec Montreal QC
12 Absolute Software Vancouver BC
13 iQmetrix Vancouver BC
14 PointClickCare Mississauga Ontario
15 VendTek Systems Port Coquitlam BC
16 Solium Calgary AB
17 Computer Modelling Group Calgary AB
18 Mediagrif Interactive Technologies Longueuil QC
19 Zedi (technology segment) Calgary AB
20 Fireswirl Technologies Vancouver BC
21 Halogen Software Ottawa ON
22 ParetoLogic Victoria BC
23 TECSYS Montreal QC
24 GIRO Montreal QC
25 TIO Networks Vancouver BC

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