Software Companies in Australia

Australia, one of the wealthiest nations of the world, has the twelfth largest economy over the world. Software companies are one of the impacting factors of the economy of the country. Australia’s position in the changing global economy is supported by around 40,000 software related companies.

Effect of software companies on Australia economy

Software industry contributes 8 per cent of Australia’s GDP. Data processing services, software maintenance services, information storage and retrieval services are few of the software activities that take major part in the income. The tech startup sector is expected to contribute $109 billion to the Australian economy and this would be 4% of the country’s GDP. The software services are also contributing a lion share in the revenue by ICT industry.

Major working aspects of the software companies

Software development to the startup entrepreneurs, software testing, Graphic and web designing, cloud-service providing and project management are the major working aspects of the Australian software companies. The companies have achieved credible success in developing software for few of fields. For example, the Australian developed software is used by majority of the mines over the world. The companies are contributing 11% share in the employment of the country.

Current atmosphere and trends of software in Australia

The current trends have seen a major shift in the fields like IT delivery, information and communication, databases etc.

70 percent of information and computer technology employment is contract based. Most of the recruiters prefer job search websites. The statistics show that the total employers work for software services has seen 10% increases, comparing with earlier years. The female employers are given equal preference with equal handsome salaries.

Yet, demand for computer and software retail production has been reduced in the year 2014 as the figures were showing 40% less business comparing with the earlier figures.

As per a survey by a reputed news channel, the software piracy rate value is 23, intensity of local competition value is 5.9, secure internet servers value is 2,002.6, e-participation index value is 0.76 and business-to-consumer internet use value is 5.8.

Future aspect

The increase in the number of new companies is helping to boost the software as the companies realize the value of new technology in the startups. The tech startup sector is the present as well as the nearby future prospective aspect of the software companies. Along with the expected contribution 4% increase in GDP, more than 50 million jobs are expected in software companies due to the increasing requirement. But many of the companies are facing difficulties in sourcing candidates with adequate communication skills and cultural fit with the employer.

There is a scope in project management software as the usage is liked to high performing project performance. It was estimated that only 41% of projects in the software testing industry were successful and 53% were challenged due to over budget, over time and as customer requirements not met. Most of the companies are working to overcome the issue.

Reviewing with the international standards, Australian governments support Research and Development by providing tax credits and Innovation Investment Fund that help the sector positively.

Software Companies in Australia


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