PHP Programming Language

Personal Home Pages Hypertext Processor, commonly known as PHP is one of the revolutionary scripting language which has enabled us to have a much better web presentation today. This has fast become one of the widely used scripting languages which are used for web development. One of the key features of this language is it’s an open source which will enable anybody to use the platform it provides. PHP is used to design dynamic web pages. Here you can find the starting origination of PHP and few basics of the scripting language.

History of PHP

PHP was developed in the year 1995 by Rasmus Lardorf because he needed a tool to program the web pages he was designing. He later released this in the name of PHP/FI (Form Interpreter). It was originally written to escalate the quality of web development and later it was improved to give better results to the project. There are several versions which were released after the first PHP was launched in 1995. PHP was used to increase the efficiency in the bug location and also it was embed in HTML. In 1997, PHP 2 was released which was compatible with many other web development platforms.

PHP 3 was rewritten by Zeev Suraski and Andi Guntmans. In the year 1998 after all the beta testing and other formalities, PHP 3 was release as PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. After one year Zend engines were developed, this formed the core of PHP 4.  Later on in 2004 PHP 5 was launched with Zend engine II. This was being very user friendly as it was supporting XML (which is a higher version of HTML). This was mostly object oriented. These have been very advantageous in developing web in a much efficient way.

Advantages of PHP

There are many positive aspects which can be observed in this preprocessor. Some of the salient features of this scripted language are listed below:

  • It can be easily embedded into web pages.
  • It can be used to upload large quantities of data into the web.
  • JavaScript can be used to change the HTML pages dynamically.
  • It is easier to use other languages like XML, MySQL, SQLite and many others.
  • For CMS (Content Management Systems) PHP is the best as you can upload large amount of data online

PHP Basics

PHP has over the time evolved to be a very simple scripting language. Each evolved version of this language has only made it easier for the user to use it for programming. There are lot of similarities between C and PHP. More so PHP is object oriented and has a much simpler syntax than C. Here are some of the basic features of PHP-

  • It has all the features of C, excluding the typed variables.
  • PHP is completely object oriented language.
  • The APIs (Application Program Interface) are all dedicated for the web and database.
  • The syntax in this language is not case sensitive.
  • “$” symbol is used to prefix the variables and type of variable is not specified

How to Learn PHP?

PHP has become the most extensively used web development programming language in the present day. There are many institutes and online tutorials which give excellent guidance to and amateur to learn PHP programming language. It would help if you have a basic understanding of C language. A PHP and C language are very similar.