Operating System Security

  • It is unnecessary to say that all operating systems are not equal in every sphere.
  • None of the most accepted operating systems now a day are developed keeping safe and sound electronic business in mind.
  • From the moment the computer is booted (after loading the BIOS), the interaction with the operating system starts.
  • This essential portion of software describes what can be done with the system of the computer and how it is to be done.
  • Whether the interaction is with the file system or while chatting with somebody with the help of an instant messenger line up, the operating system works at the back the pictures to provide with a perfect experience as it understands the procedures and changes them into those things that the computer can process.
  • Even as operating systems differ on a lot of levels, the most ordinary operating systems offer much more than an easy crossing point between the user and the machine.
  • These include many programs with the intention to provide the user with many extras, starting from the straightforward screen savers to multifaceted file-encryption plans. However, it's vital to know that these programs are add-ons which are added on to the OS and are not essential for the computer to function.
  • A lot of users become closely familiar with the operating system's frills (such as the Solitaire), but do not remember about the security parameters that are incorporated to help the user preserve a secure and dependable operating setting.
  • And therefore, a lot of information systems continue living in an insecure condition that keeps the system at the danger of a virus infection or at the total compromise by a hacker.
  • From creation a protected home network to creating well-built passwords, it is very vital to know the particulars of using an operating system in a secure and safe and sound mode.
  • In today's world, where the computer is an essential gadget it is foolish to set up a computer devoid of the security system.
  • It is only one virus or Trojan horse that is enough to form a concurrent consequence of contaminated computers and compromise systems.
  • UNIX which is the eldest and the majorly used networking operating system of today’s world has got the benefit of having been patched and hacked by crackers and hackers for many years.
  • Amongst all other UNIX derivatives, the most popular derivatives is Linux, which was developed by Linus Torvalds and now being maintained by a lot many of volunteers and a lot of software companies.
  • But this Linux still has got errors which are being discovered in a day to day basis.
  • It is tremendously significant to keep an eye on these incidences and use the essential patches of the updates as soon as they are accessible.
  • Microsoft's Windows family platform has got an extraordinary expansion as a server and client platform.
  • Whether it is installed in the thousands of home PCs, in the Internet server or on corporate LANs, its fame has made it more prone for breakage by many hackers.
  • Bodily security is becoming more and more common through out the world as novel and graver terrorizations are emerging.
  • Physical security of public and possessions comes in course of time to most human; still then the lost in the mix up is the prime necessitate for securing the data.
  • Over and over again this data contains responsive information that is sought after by people against the law.

Encryption and Privacy resource

  • It acts as a source for learning about a range of encryption schemes.
  • This includes privacy fortification tips and security fundamentals.

NIST Vulnerability and Threat Portal

  • It is an absolute portal for recent attacks or incidents, bugs, advisories, etc kept up by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

PC Talk - Security

  • This is the latest news from the field of IT security.

CERT/CCC Current Activity

  • Central depository for high force security vulnerabilities and incidents are being informed to the CERT or CCC.

The two best security oriented operating systems are:

Back Track:

  • This is an Innovative Penetration Testing which comes live from Linux distribution.
  • This brilliant bootable live-CD has generated as a result of from the merger of Whax and Auditor.
  • It shows off an enormous diversity of Security and Forensics apparatus and provides an affluent maturity of the environment.
  • The user modularity is highlighted so the allocation can be customized with no trouble by the user to incorporate private scripts, extra tools, customized kernels, etc.


  • This is designed as the general purpose live bootable system to be taken on CD or DVD. It consists of a diplomatic set of involuntary hardware revealing, GNU/Linux software, and hold up for a lot of sound cards, graphics cards, USB and SCSI appliances and other peripherals.
  • KNOPPIX can also be used as a creative Linux system as the educational CD, desktop, rescue system.