MSDN Operating System

The Microsoft Developer Network (or the MSDN) is the part of the Microsoft which is in charge for running the connection with developers of the organization.

Types of developer

The type of developer the MSDN has to keep relationship:

  • The hardware developers who show interest in the development of the operating systems
  • The developers who have successfully worked on the various platforms of the operating systems
  • The developers who influence the API and the scripting languages of a lot of applications run in the Microsoft.

This associating organization is built through various mediums like:

  • The newsletters
  • Blogs
  • Developer conferences
  • web sites
  • DVD distribution
  • Trade media

Evolution of MSDN:

  • MSDN historically has given the chance to the developers with which they can have the licenses and the access to make the use of almost all software of the Microsoft which has been on the loose to the public.
  • All they have to do is that the have to obtain the subscription package for it.
  • These subscriptions are put up for sale in a yearly basis, and the cost for it goes up to $10,939 USD for one year for one subscription.
  • The price ranges because it is given in a number of levels.
  • Those who have got such subscriptions (except the library-only level which is the lowest) are entitled to take delivery of the latest software of the Microsoft on DVDs or CDs on a weekly or a monthly basis.
  • The software normally arrives in particularly manifested MSDN discs, but has got with it the same volume or retail-license for the software as the public receives it.
  • Even though in the majority of the cases the software itself works accurately similar to the full version of the product but the MSDN user license agreement make it illegal to use the software in any environment of the business.
  • This is an officially authorized control but not a technological one.


  • As for an example, the MSDN take the account the tools for the development like the Visual Studio, the server software like the SQL Server 2005, the latest versions of the Windows operating systems (like the Windows Vista and Windows XP), and other applications like MapPoint and Microsoft Office of on a regular basis.
  • For that software which requires a product key, there is a website of the Microsoft which generates them while it is ordered.
  • The packages like those offer the enthusiast of only a solo computer with the access to almost all that the Microsoft presents.
  • On the other hand, if any business organization is caught using the software which are included in the MSDN subscription, in the office having a large number of PC's and servers not including with it the suitable non-MSDN licenses intended for the other PCs, would be have treatment not in a different way than it would be in the case of using the pirated versions of the software taken from the Internet.

Case Study:

  • Microsoft Office designed by the Microsoft is an exception in which the organization allows the subscriber of the MSDN license agreement to use the software for the use of the software it for business purposes without needing a separate license.
  • But to avail the subscriber has to have with him "MSDN Premium Subscription" and still only "directly related to the design, development and test and/or documentation of software projects" can be done as declared while licensing the MSDN.
  • It is common for those software, which has got with it development tools (like GW BASIC) along with the runtime mechanism required for using it, is limited to use by no method by Microsoft, if software like those are able to be regularly used for business production purposes.
  • A subscriber of the MSDN is permitted to get going with any number of copies that may be required for the purposes of his or her own development.
  • For that reason, if there are 20 computers to any individual computer enthusiast at his home which he is used by him for the development of the software (and by no means they are used as a element of any business, which is a common practice in a farm having a server), the single subscription of the MSDN pack permits all those 20 computers to run the copy of Office, Windows, and each and every other products of the Microsoft separately in their hard disc.
  • Though after making a certain number of installations of a particular product, the serial key for the activation automatically terminates allowing the activation of the product through the Internet.
  • This can be dealt by making a call by the telephone to the hotline for Product Activation to authenticate that all those installations without any doubt are genuine and are not inconsistent with the agreement done during getting the license key.
  • Such activation for the software is approved by the phone.
  • Although the subscription for the MSDN takes place on a once a year basis but the license key used for the software does not come to an end.
  • The enthusiast person is not just entitled for any improvement after the expiry of the software.