Microsoft Xbox 360 Games

Xbox 360 is the second video game console brought out by Microsoft. As a successor to the Xbox, Xbox 360 stands as a robust competitor against Sony’s PlayStation 3 as well as Nintendo’s Wii in the catalogue of 7th generation of video game consoles.


The Xbox Live is among the major features incorporated in the console. Xbox Live service permits the players to participate online and download arcade games, trailers, TV shows, movies and music alongside with its Windows Media Center multimedia potentialities. It also provides region specific access to media streaming services that are owned by third parties, like, Netflix in the USA or Sky TV in the United Kingdom. The Xbox 360 is available worldwide in two configurations, namely, the “Elite” and the “Arcade”. Each of these configurations has its own set of accessories.

On November 22nd 2005, The Xbox 360 was released in the US and Canada and the released by Europe and Japan on December 2nd 2005 and December 10th 2005 respectively.


The original units of Xbox 360 consoles carry the official colour, which is Arctic Chill. A custom-based hard drive unit of varied sizes like 20,60, 120 or 250 GB can be attached to the port on top of the console (when held vertically; left side when held horizontally). The CPU is a triple –core IBM designed Xenon. Each core is capable of processing two threads at the same time, therefore processing up six threads instantly. ATI Xenos handles the graphics processing. ATI Xenos has 10 MB of eDRAM.


  1. Wired and wireless controllers
  2. Headsets for chatting,
  3. Faceplates for customization
  4. Webcam for video chatting
  5. Dance mats and Gamercize for exercise
  6. Four sizes of hard drives
  7. Three sizes of memory cards among several other things.

All these accessories are styled in such a way that they match the console.


The Xbox 360 console is currently available in two configurations, as mentioned above, “Xbox 360 Arcade” and “Xbox 360 Elite”. Xbox 360 Arcade replaced the Xbox 360 core in October 2007.

Xbox 360 Arcade

This configuration is the entry level for Xbox 360. It is comprised of a wireless controller, HDMI 1.2 output, composite AV cable, an internal 512 MB, memory chip with 256 MB internal memory and 5 Xbox Live Arcade titles, namely, Boom Boom Rocket; Luxor 2; Feeding Frenzy; Pac-Man Champion edition and Uno. It does not include a hard disk drive.

Xbox 360 Elite

This is the second most expensive edition of the Xbox 360 console. It comes with a 120 GB hard drive along with a matte black finish. It includes a controller and a headset designed in a way that it matches the system’s black finish. On April 29th 2007, The Elite was released in North America after that followed by Europe and Australia August 24th 2007 and August 30th 2007. The early models of Elite used the Zephyr motherboard while the later models used the Falcon 65 nm chipset. The models can be identified by their power supply, which is definite and standard in almost all the cases.

Xbox 360 250 GB Elite

This edition is similar to Xbox 360 Elite, the only difference being that it has been configured with a 250 BG hard disk drive and 2 wireless controllers. This feature is available only on limited editions of the console. Most of the games include a standard Elite finish while Call of Duty: Modem Warfare 2 bundle includes a limited edition console design and black finish.

Some of the configurations as well as their features have been observed below.

Model Storage space HDMI Appearance Accessories/ bundled items In production
Elite 250 GB Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Yes Matte black finish and Chrome disc drive 2 wireless controllers- Ethernet cable Xbox 360 Headset and a composite video cable Yes
  120 GB HDD Yes Matte black finish and a Chrome disc drive 1 wireless controllers- Ethernet cable Xbox 360 and a composite video cable Yes
Arcade 512 MB onboard Yes Matte white finish and matte white disc drive A wireless controller, a composite video cable and an Xbox Live Arcade compilation disc Yes
  256 MB onboard Yes Matte white finish and matte white disc drive (Note: same as above) No
  256 MB memory unit Yes Matte white finish and matte white disc drive (Note: same as above) No
Pro 60 GB HDD Yes Matte white finish and a chrome disc drive Wireless controller, Ethernet cable, Xbox 360 headset and Hybrid video cable No
  20 GB HDD After 2007 Matte white finish and chrome disc drive (Note: same as above) No
Core none no Matte white finish and matte white disk drive Wired controlled and composite video cable No

Best Xbox 360 Games

Some of the Xbox 360 games that have been designated as “best” are as follows:


Xbox live


Alan Wake Yes Action
Too human Yes Adventure
Mass effect Yes Role playing
Scene it? lights, camera, action Yes Family
Project Gotham Racing 4 Yes Racing
Halo 3 Yes Action
Blue dragon Yes RPG
Viva Pinata party animals Yes Simulation
Shadow run Yes Action
Forza motorsport 2 Yes Racing
Crackdown Yes Action
Viva Pinata Yes Simulation
Gears of war Yes Action
Kameo : elements of power Yes Action
Perfect dark zero Yes Action
Project Gotham Racing 3 Yes Racing