MATLAB Programming Language

MATLAB is an interactive platform which is designed with 4th generation programming language. Some experts don’t even consider it as a programming language and some feel it is a very valuable programming language. It is majorly used to do computational tasks in high level mathematics or various other fields. Though it was initially only for computing purpose, it has now diversified into various other fields. It has been modified to have various new features which have enhanced its performance in all the applications it is used in. The common commodities that are using this programming language are mostly from the academia department. Science, engineering and economics are the domains which make the maximum usage of MATLAB programming software.


Cleve Moler was the creator of MATLAB programming language. He was the chairman of the computer science department of University of New Mexico. He has successfully completed the complete building of the programming software in the late 1970s. This was to make the students understand complicated computations. With this programming language students can access LINPACK and EISPACK without knowing how to operate Fortran.

In 1984, Moler has joined hands with Jack Little and re-developed MATLAB in C language. Jack realized the commercial potential of this language and soon they opened MathWorks. They continued the development of this language in MathWorks. JACKPAC were the rewritten libraries of the language.

In the process even control design engineers also found this programming language very useful. After this development, Little soon spread MATLAB in all the domains. Numerical analysis and linear algebra are also taught using MATLAB in educational institutes.

Main Features

MATLAB stands for matrix laboratory. The features of MATLAB are very similar to C++. The application MATLAB is totally developed by using the MATLAB programming language. There is a special MATLAB editor in which you are supposed to type your programs. It is also very simple to execute a MATLAB program. There is a simple code which you have to type in the prompt, >>. This is done in the Command Window.

The following points give you a better picture of the features of MATLAB.

  • The computations which are done in matrix and vector calculus are very efficient and accurate.
  • For the usage of graphics, it is easy to create them. Graphics are mostly used by scientific and engineering domains.
  • MATLAB is an object-oriented programming language.
  • There are many tools which will help you create a better performing program and will help you get better graphics.
  • Programmer can file I/O functions.
  • One can even develop an application using MATLAB programming language. To make it easy for the user there is a graphical interface which is built in.


MATLAB programming language has found itself very useful in many versatile fields. With features like vector computation, numerical matrix and also the ability to manipulate the algorithm the software is used for many applications. The first and foremost application is to produce solutions to some of the most complex system of equations. Many students are dependent on MATLAB software to solve high level computation. Stimulation is another major application of this software. Some of the other trivial applications are imaging, analysis, visualization and exploration.