Java Virtual Machine

The Acronym JVM stands for java virtual machine. JVM (java virtual machine) is the other name for Java Run-time Environment. It is a Virtual SoftwareProcess running inside a system. Java virtual machine is responsible for making java, flexible in performing operations related to platform independence. Java code is saved in the form of a file, with the extension of java.

Java file will have classes, methods, variables and objects. This java file has to be compiled and converted in to a class file. This process is done with the help operating system, the java compiler. The Code in the class file is called as byte code. Byte code is the generalized code. The actual duty of JVM is, to convert this byte code to the corresponding native codes, depending upon the operating system to which it is transmitted.

JVM (Java Virtual Machine) does this operation with the help of components like stack, method area, garbage collected heap etc. Stack in the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) Stores are local variables, arguments or parameters passed to the functions. There are three registers in the stack called vars, which stores the local variables, frame and laptop, which points to the next stack from the current stack.

The method area is the place where, all the byte code instructions are stored. The program Counter will point to the next instruction, which is to be executed. Garbage collectoris the heap; the heap is the mechanism by which memory is allocated to the objects which are created in the java program. Java uses new operator to perform memory allocation.

JVM (Java Virtual Machine) is helpful in implementing portability of java. Java applicationprogramming interfaces shortly and is called as java APIbundled, with java virtual machine which, constitutes the java run time environment. JIT (Just in Time) helps, the Java Virtual Machine to increase the execution speed.

JVM (Java Virtual Machine) is an important component in the Java Platform. Excelsior jet, Java for HP-UX, OpenVMS, Tru64 and Reliant (Tandem) UNIX platforms (IBM), for AIX, Linux, MVS, OS/400, Pocket PC, z/OS JBed, Esmertac is an embedded Java with multimedia capabilities. JBlend, (Aplix]) is a Java ME implementation MRJ (acquired by Oracle , Windows and Solaris OJVM (also known as "JServer") are some of the virtual machines available nowadays.