Computer Science

History of Computer Science

Computer science, learning of the hypothesis, testing, and practicality that form the foundation for the blueprint and use of computers devices that mechanically process information. Computer science traces its ancestry to work done by English mathematician Charles Babbage, who first proposed a programmable mechanical calculator in 1837. Until the arrival of electronic digital computers in the 1940s, computer science was not generally distinguished as being separate from mathematics and engineering. Since then it has developed many branches of research that are inimitable to the subject.

Computer Science Job Opportunities

The power of computers is worldwide. Computers are used in applications ranging from operating a farm, diagnosing a disease, and designing to constructing and launching a space vehicle .Computers have not only assumed strategic significance in the business world, they are being effectively used in other fields ranging from space exploration to food processing and banking to communication etc. As this industry is young, the average age of professionals is lower than any other industry Computer Science professionals might find a job in a variety of fields like academics, research, industry, government, private and business organizations - investigating problems for solutions, formulating and testing, using sophisticated communications or multi-media equipment, or functioning in groups for product development.

Jobs in Computer Science

One can easily get a job in a IT enabled firm. A computer science graduate can get the following jobs.

  • Software Developers

Businesses and transactions today are highly dependent on software's. Unwavering Software systems are what organizations across the world are seeking. Software developers with technical expertise can become managers or programmers. Software developers also go into a number of project-related fields that involve managerial decision-making, budgeting, and scheduling.

  • Computer Communications Specialists

As telecommunications and computer systems gets incorporated, there is a steady requirement of qualified computer science graduates, who can understand the two systems correctly and integrate them to deliver hard-hitting business and transaction solutions.

  • Data Managers

Data management comprises of entry, compilation and maintenance of data in the computer systems of an organization. Data managers are the experts who excel in this field and maintain the management information system of the organization.

  • System and Security Administrators

As networked computing and Internet become way of life, many system and security issues emerge and therefore the need arises for professionals specializing in system and security administration. Computer science graduates, who specialize in the discipline of systems administration and its safekeeping, can look for a job in the area of system administration.

  • Web Managers

Now a days, almost all the organizations are going online over the internet for various purposes. As such, there is a great demand for the professionals who manage the online version of the organization by regular updating the content over the web.

  • Computer Engineers

Computer engineers apply the doctrine of computer science and mathematical analysis to the design, development, testing, and evaluation of the software and hardware that make computers work. Computer engineers design and develop computer systems, test the systems and supervise its installation. With the ongoing development in the computer industry, both in the software and hardware sectors, computer engineering would constantly see people being engaged by companies that require them.


Remuneration for the managerial post is relatively high as that compared to the software developers. Remuneration offered to data managers are the lowest in the industry.


In this technology driven world, one can easily excel the discipline of computer science through online tutorials and guides. Also, he can take admission in an institute which offers the specialization of his desire and can easily get the job of his will.

Some Specialized Programs in Computer Science

Computer Information Systems

A CIS program at a leading institute aims at developing IT enabled professionals who expertise in both i.e. they are equipped with IT armory as well as they are well aware of the principles and implementation of managerial knowledge.

Advanced Placement Computer Science

Advanced Placement Computer Science is the name of two distinct Advanced Placement programs and examinations offered by the College Board to high school students as a chance to earn college credit for a college-level computer science course. AP Computer Science A is supposed to be the equal of a first-semester course in computer science, while AP Computer Science AB equates to a full year. The AP exam usually examines students on their knowledge of Java, C and C++.