C# Programming Language

C# is a program language which is used to design the Common Language Infrastructure. It was initially developed as a part of .NET framework which was later approved by the standards of Ecma and ISO. This programming language is simple and can be used on any kind of system. This is also an object oriented programming language. Many versatile applications can be designed using this language. Applications such as web applications, windows applications, n-tier Enterprise applications and many more. This article gives you a comprehensive understanding of the language.


While writing the .NET frameworks class libraries, it first occurred to Anders Hejlsberg about an object oriented language. Initially SMC was used to write the class libraries of the .NET framework. In January 1999, Anders and team have started working on a language which was then called as Cool. Cool stands for C-like Object Oriented Language. They did not continue with the name Cool as there were some trademark issues for Microsoft Company. In June 2000, in the Professional Developers Conference, Cool was officially launched as C#.

It was considered to be the extension of C++. The ‘#’ symbol beside the C was also a huge coincidence as C# was supposed to be the evolved version of C++ and it was going to be C++++. If observed closely, # is the cluster of 4 ‘+’. Therefore they ended up with the name C#.

There were claims from Bill Joy, who is the co-founder of Sun Microsystems, who is the originator of Java, termed C# as a duplicate of Java and it runs almost in the same pattern as of Java. Anders came back strongly for this remark, stating that C# is nowhere related to Java and it is much more similar to C++.

Basics of C#

C# is a very user friendly programming language. The most common language which is used to develop web pages and other application is C#. Some of the basic features which are very essential to know while programming or working with C# are explained comprehensively in this topic. Every language has a predefined set of commands and protocols. The following points will give you a clear understanding of the outlines of C#.

  • It has no global variables or functions in its programs
  • There are few important aspects about the language. They are Keywords and Operators.
  • There are reserved identifiers which have a specified function which are present in the compiler. They can only be used as identifiers by adding a prefix @.
  • It also has operators which decided which operation to be performed in an expression. These operations are predefined by symbols.
  • There are simple aspects like classes, objects and methods which are used to compile a program.
  • OOPs concepts can be used in C#, to develop better applications.
  • Executing and compiling of programs are much more easy and faster.

How to learn C#?

C# can be learned in many ways. There are courses which offer tutorials and practical practice for this language. If you are willing to learn it by yourself you can also learn through internet with the help of online tutorials.