Bluetooth Wireless Technology

What is a Bluetooth Wireless Technology?

  • Bluetooth is a short range radio technology.
  • The Bluetooth technology came into being in 1994 by Jaap Haartsen and Sven Mattisson, who were working for Ericsson Mobile Platforms.
  • It is a technology to transmit information by providing wireless connectivity between various devices such as mobile phones, printers, GPS receivers, digital cameras, and video games, laptops and personal computers.
  • Bluetooth wireless technology works by allowing the transmission of signals over short distances between these devices and there by abridge communication and synchronization between these devices.
  • A master Bluetooth device communicates with up to seven devices.
  • Bluetooth uses the microwave radio frequency spectrum so it is considered less harmful.


  • Bluetooth was named after tenth century king, Harald Bluetooth.
  • Harald Bluetooth was the King of Denmark and Norway.
  • Harald Bluetooth specialty was the unification of his tribe from Denmark and Norway.

Applications of Bluetooth

  • The wireless communication between the input and output devices of the personal computers like the mouse, keyboard and printer is an example of Bluetooth.
  • The communication between a mobile and a hands-free headset is another popular example of wireless Bluetooth.
  • Use of Bluetooth is to transfer files between devices with OBEX.
  • Use of Bluetooth to transfer contact details, reminders, appointments dates between devices with OBEX.
  • Bluetooth enabled advertising hoardings can receive and display the smaller advertisements by using technology.
  • Removal of traditional wires in test equipments, bar code scanners, traffic control devices, GPS receivers and medical equipment is a revolutionary change.

Uses of the Technology

  • It assists the communication of data as in computers and voice as in telephones.
  • It has helped in cord-free connections of both the stationary as well as mobile devices.
  • It saves on power by the lower consumption.
  • As the technology is based on the radio communication system it is convenient to keep and connect the devices in different places but in a limited range.
  • So, the alignment in a sight is not required.
  • The device which is supposed to use the blue tooth technology should be compatible with certain fears and profiles. So, it is not possible for every device to be bluetooth friendly.