AT&T Wireless

Unlike most of the other countries, the United States never nationalized its mobile telecommunications industry. American Telephone and Telegraph Co. (AT&T) came out as the chief commercial strength in developing mobile services and wireless solutions across the nation. It was formerly the part of Bell Laboratories, the company established by Sir Alexander Graham Bell.


Being the leader of telecommunication sector in United States, AT&T provides a variety of wireless services to all sections of the subscribers, from an individual to big corporate houses. AT&T is committed to providing unprecedented choice and simplicity so that the customers can connect to their world – everywhere they live and work, the way they want, when they want, using the devices and applications they want.


AT&T provides a variety of wireless and data services to its subscribers. It provides high end services like mobile broadband apart from regular mobile telephony services.

Wireless Telephony Services

Wireless telephony services helps the consumers in selecting a full featured mobile device and a reasonable tariff plan which will be the best for the particular subscriber. Apart from all this, it provides a range of VAS (value added services) like GPS (Global Positioning System) to the subscribers.

Wireless Data Services

Apart from the mobile telephony services, it provides wireless data services like high speed internet and mobile broadband. It not only provides the services but also assists the subscribers in getting the necessary hardware at reasonable prices.

Value Added Services

  • AT&T has initiated an open approach to the promising market for mobile banking, by the help of the software from monetary services application developer, Firethorn, to help AT&T’s wireless customers access their financial institution’s mobile banking services. Various financial institutions including Wachovia, SunTrust, and Bancorp South rely on AT&T to serve their customers.
  • Visitors have a facility to select from unmatched number of applications for wireless phones on AT&T media mall in addition to latest ring tones and coolest tools.
  • AT&T also provide a rich collection of VAS content from approximately 50 different contributors on its wireless Internet portal, MEdiaNet, and works with many aggregators who distribute offline content such as ring tones, graphics, video and more from some 500 different providers. On MEdiaNet, AT&T offers:
    1. Sports scores from ESPN and CBS, headlines from CNN
    2. Ring tones, games and graphics
    3. Movie times and reviews, dining proposals
    4. Weather conditions and traffic reports, flight times
    5. Cellular Video, which enables an AT&T customer view video clips from 20 various providers.


AT&T has a huge portfolio of the corporate services company for almost any size of business house. It has various corporate plans for the corporate subscribers willing to purchase CUG (Close User Group) Connections. Some of the high end corporate wireless services provided by AT&T are listed below

  • AT&T provides valuable data service like USB based LAPTOP CONNECT CARDS with Wi Fi service for the establishing a wireless connection with AT&T wireless network.
  • AT&T provides smart phone solutions to the business houses
  • AT&T provides tethered handsets which can be used as modems whenever necessary.
  • AT&T provides the facility of EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution) to its subscribers
  • AT&T also provide the service of WIRELESS WAN [ wide area network] for big business houses
  • AT&T also offers customers key mail platforms like:
    1. Blackberry
    2. Good Mobile Messaging
    3. Microsoft Direct Push
    4. Mobile Email, which gives easy access to AOL, AIM, Yahoo!, MSN Hotmail and
    5. AT&T Yahoo! Mail
    6. Xpress Mail For Smart phones

In addition to this, AT&T has the chief and the most wide ranging selection of unique purpose devices in the industry with more than 285 devices from over 100 manufacturers. Some of the divices are used by the some firms and have been certified to work on AT&T wireless network that are not sold by AT&T. Special purpose devices include:

  • Rugged PDAs – long lasting wireless devices intended to suit specific industry requirements
  • Ruggedized Notebooks – featuring larger touch screen displays and keyboards necessary to run complex business applications

Moreover, AT&T is the numero uno wireless provider to commercial truck and van fleets.