ABAP Programming Language

The German company called SAP was behind the creation of ABAP. It is a high level programming language which will help in building applications which are responsible to carry out business functions. ABAP is presently known as Advanced Business Application Programming. Initially, when the Germans developed the software, it was known as ‘general report creation processor’. This programming language will help in building SAP oriented programs. This programming language is mostly used to build business applications which will help in having better business analysis in a company.


ABAP is considered to be a fairly new concept. There are not many people who are still aware of ABAP. It is considered to be a very important business application which helps you in securing all your business documents. ABAP is a 4th generation application oriented high level programming language.

ABAP is highly regarded because it is the first language which has included Logical Database (LDBs). In the early stages of ABAP, it was just a report language of SAP. This was used to send and receive reports. Later when the customer started to request for more advanced applications where he himself can create and manipulate a report, ABAP started to get developed. In the client server R/3 system ABAP is the language in which the programs are developed. Since the early 1990s more of the applications of SAP are developed in ABAP.

SAP has come up with the latest development platform where both ABAP and Java can be used is NetWeaver.


The features which are seen in ABAP are very suitable for a user. Therefore, ABAP is considered to be the best programming language for students to learn programming concepts. The following points are some of the key features of the language.

  • The programming language is an event driven language.
  • The user desired actions and the system controls enable the execution of the application.
  • Internal tables are one of the important concepts which are used in this language.
  • Structured programming technique is well supported by this language.

Apart from the in-built features which help the execution of the programs, there are many other tools which help the user in developing a program.

ABAP Editor- used to write programs

ABAP Dictionary – this tool processes data which is necessary and also it retries data.

Menu Painter – this tool is to design the user interface.

Screen Painter – the user dialogs which come on the screen can also be designed by the screen painter.

Class builder – this is for the object oriented objects. This will display processing central classes.

Function Builder – this is for processing and displaying the functional modules.

ABAP Applications

ABAP is used to keep the database of any enterprise careful. This will help the company to have a secure system which will help them in cutting down unethical usage of their systems. It also gives many web based applications that can be used for general purpose.