Wyoming Truck Driving Schools

Truck driving in Wyoming is very much required when compared to other states due state has less number of Driving schools compared to other states. The state is fairly a remote location which requires truck drivers who can transport goods to all over the country.

What makes it a perfect state

The state is perfect for the applicants who wish to prolong their career in Truck Driving. The program last between six to nine weeks and can be finished bit earlier based on the way you learn also depends on finishing quicker if planned to get a Class B or Class C license. The fee structure would be less than 5000 dollar when compared to other schools. There are few opportunities that could avail your tuition fees that would be by federal financial aid. Need to verify on what kind of federal funds or loans that you could qualify.

CDL training in Wyoming

The training includes preparation for the written test as well as the drive test. The training for the written test brings into learning truck rules, truck parts and different ways of driving. Ones done with the class room training then starts on wheel practice of heavy truck driving. Few training sessions would include instructor with you to ensure each individual on a write track of learning.

How to get an CDL License in Wyoming

Before one starts his work as a truck driver in Wyoming, one must receive CDL from Wyoming Department of Transportation. Need to pass through written test, if applying for endorsements that may add up few more tests and then, on wheel skill test. Upon crossing through them one can receive License from Transportation Corporation.

Careers, Truck Driving in Wyoming

Increase in the present and future market on truck driving, the median salary that could be earned by a truck driver is $43,700 per year.

Types of classes:

Class A : It includes vehicles that carry more than 26,000 pounds with towing weight more than 10,000 pounds and also called as Fight. The applicant must be holding Class B CDL for more than year.

Class B: It includes vehicles that carry more than 26,000 pounds but towing weight less than 10,000 pounds.

Class C: It is used to transport more than 16 passengers and doesn't match the definition of Tractor Trailing as of Class A and Class B.

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List of Wyoming Truck Driving Schools


2368 Oil Drive
Casper, Wyoming 82604
Phone Number: 800-307-0242


280 North American Road
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001
Phone Number: 877-710-7243

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