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Bio fuels: Controversy Over The EU Bio Fuel Measurement System (290)

What are Bio Fuels?

Bio fuels are a variety of fuels that are usually derived from biomass, such as trees, grasses along with sugar and starch crops. One of the few reasons that bio fuels are in the spotlight is because they are driven by factors, such as oil price spikes, need for increased energy security and the concerns over greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels. In the same way, another product named biodiesel, is also made from animal fats, vegetable fats and recycled greases.

The Controversy:

As more and more comprehensive tests are made to understand the environmental impact of the bio fuels, it’s getting more controversial. The main reason is that bio fuels encompass a diverse range of sources, such as wheat, sugar, maize and rapeseed oil to budding technologies that make fuel from organic waste products. And due to this, the fuels we consume today are derived from the first generation food products that are fermented into ethanol.

A major part of Europe has acknowledged the effects of bio fuels and has taken necessary measures. They have started implementing strategies that will fight the climate changes and in turn, save and reduce energy consummation. The actual controversy is about the energy that can be saved when bio fuels and fossil fuels are considered for green house gas emission. This raised the level of the controversy, since the bio fuels used for the green house emission savings varied. Primarily, the focus needs to shift from producing the highest volume of bio fuels possible onto producing bio fuels that are safe and sustainable. Europe has pledged to make renewable fuels that account for 10% of the energy consumption by the end of 2020 and so new researches and market policies will help alter the way businesses and governments can approach the bio fuel system.

General Motors : Recalls 1.5M cars for wiper fire hazard

About General Motors

GM is a US based auto making company that managed to grow and create a big name for itself in the automotive industry. It’s famous worldwide and is known for manufacturing quality cars. General Motors is ranked as the second largest auto makers in the world, and also ranked as the largest within the US. General Motors primarily focused its business on four core American brands that are Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac, but has now shifted its focus slightly and is focusing on Hummer, Pontiac and Saturn brands.

What’s the news?

General Motors is making news because of its decision to recall one point five million cars for the wiper fire hazard. They claimed that they had to disable a heated windshield washer fluid system linked to fires and announced a compensation of a hundred dollars for every owner. If they do not recall, it would be more commonly seen as car with a potential to catch fire.

GM explained that the recall was because of the windshield washer fluid system. GM also claims that there are no crashes or injuries among the five fire incidents, which have been linked to this system. The recall is all about the removal of the fluid systems and fixing of the hoses. They also claimed that this has nothing to do with the August 2008 recall where they installed new wiring, due reported smoke in the units. And GM also proudly announced that the compensation of the hundred dollars is not for the recall but for the loss of the feature!

Global Strategies Group: An integrated security and defense technology for clients operating in high-stakes situations

About the Group:

One of the top players in the Integrated Security market is the Global Strategies Group. They cater to clients who are operating in vital and risky situations and provide the best defense technologies. The main function is to help the national securities of many countries. They support by strengthening and guiding the clients to overcome their toughest goals. In addition, they also create worldwide opportunities and widen the horizons. Their corporate vision is to be the leading provider of high impact services and technologies, which enable world class organizations to meet their toughest goals, wherever they operate. Damien Perl is the chairman and the founder of the Strategies Group. He is well supported by Elisabetta Zaccaria, who manages the chief strategies and overall operations of the group.

What they do:

They are mainly into integration of industry-leading security services and defense technologies to enable the clients to venture into risks that are high and still manage to accelerate mission success and develop new opportunities. They mainly work with the government, the military and civil departments, the aid and development communities, clients in the energy sector and also many other major multinational enterprises that are involved in such areas of security. They take pride in placing the clients’ interests first and venture into the extreme and unique situations that will help thousands of people to benefit from.

One of the most recent and effective client operations was that of the US Department of Defense, the operations of which were held in Afghanistan. Here, the Global Strategies Group worked as a part of a major nationwide reconstruction initiative and combined a broad range of intelligence and operational support services and defense technologies to facilitate the rebuilding and development of critical infrastructure across Afghanistan. This way, they help clients located across the world to strengthen national securities and transform critical environments.