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World Billionaire Karl Albrecht Profile

Karl Albrecht
Karl Albrecht
Name : Karl Albrecht
2015 Rank : NA      2014 Rank : 23      2013 Rank : 18
2012 Rank : 10      2011 Rank : 12

Net Worth: $25 B

Fortune : Self Made

Source : Aldi

Country Of Citizenship : Germany

Residence : Mulheim an der Ruhr‚ Germany

Education : NA

Date of Birth : February 20th 1920

Profession : Entrepreneur‚ owns Aldi Sud

Family : Spouse(s)‚ Children: 2

More About Karl Albrecht


Karl Albrecht is the German entrepreneur and the founder of the famous supermarket chain‚ Aldi. His net worth is estimated to be $23.5 billion making him the 10th richest billionaire in the World Top billionaire List by Forbes. Karl is also the wealthiest man in Germany. His talent doesn’t have its limit at only that. Karl Albrecht is a prolific author‚ management consultant and a futurist speaker. He has been involved with a lot of business organizations and different industries worldwide in his twenty years of career. A favourite consultant of the senior executives and a lecturer on dynamic principles of business‚ Karl Albrecht has written as many as 25 books on different aspects of business.

Karl Albrecht is the Chairman of Karl Albrecht International and also has a consulting group‚ a seminar firm‚ and a publishing company by his name.

The Rise of Karl Albrecht

The discount chain Aldi (Albrecht-Discount) was founded by Karl Albrecht with his brother Theo. Karl’s father was a miner and a baker’s assistant later in his career while his mother had a corner grocery store in the worker’s quarter of Schonnebeck in the suburb of Essen. Theo worked as an apprentice in the shop whereas Karl had been working in a delicatessen shop. During the World War‚ Karl was also serving his country as a part of the German army.

This was after the World War II in 1946 that the brothers took over their mother’s business. In 1961‚ the first Aldi (Albrecht-Discount) was opened. The brothers divided the ownership and the management of the business chains between themselves to North and South regions. Karl managed the Aldi Süd which was in a way more profitable whereas Theo took care of the Aldi Nord.

Who would now believe that the small grocery store had grown into the giant Aldi having more than 8‚000 stores and sales of $67 billion!

In 1994‚ Karl took a sort of retirement from the business and withdrew from the operations of Aldi Süd. Instead‚ he positioned himself as the chairman of the board. In 2002‚ he gave up that position as well. Now‚ the business is not run by Karl Albrecht or any of his family members.

Some little known facts about Karl Albrecht


Karl is a fiercely private man‚ and little is known about him save few:

  • Karl and Theo had a very modest upbringing in the little town of Essen‚ Germany.
  • He has two children. No one however is associated with or employed by Aldi.
  • He lives in Essen‚ just like his brother Theo.
  • He is an ardent lover of golf and has a personal golf course‚ the Öschberghof‚ which he had built for himself in 1976.
  • He loves raising orchids.
It might be a rumour‚ but he has a strange hobby of collecting antique typewriters. Readmore...

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