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World Billionaire Carlos Slim Helu Profile

Carlos Slim Helu
Carlos Slim Helu
Name : Carlos Slim Helu
2015 Rank : 2      2014 Rank : 2      2013 Rank : 1
2012 Rank : 1      2011 Rank : 1

Net Worth: $77.1 B (2015)

Fortune : Self Made

Source : Telecom

Country Of Citizenship : Mexico

Residence : Mexico City‚ Mexico

Education : Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico‚ Bachelor of Arts / Science

Date of Birth : January 28th 1940

Profession : Chairman & CEO of Telmex‚ Telcel and Am

Family : Parents: Julian Slim Haddad‚ Linda Helu & Carlos‚ Spouse(s): Soumaya Domit ‚ Chi

Awards :
The Entrepreneurial Merit Medal of Honor from Mexico’s Chamber of Commerce. gold patron of the American Academy of Achievement‚[29] a Commander in the Belgian Order of Leopold II‚ CEO of the year in 2003 by Latin Trade magazine‚ and one year later CEO of the decade by the same magazine.

More About Carlos Slim Helu


"Wealth is like an orchard. You have to share the fruit‚ not the trees." Well‚ it is said by the man who is the world’s richest man in today’s world‚ Sebastian Pinera Carlos Slim Helu. The Mexican business magnate‚ philanthropist and the chairman and CEO of Telmex‚ América Móvil has topped the list of World Top Billionaires 2010 with personal net worth above US $ 53.5 billion with almost 222 different companies in the fields of communications‚ technology‚ retailing‚ and finance.

Fondly regarded as the "Warren Buffett of Latin America"‚ as Warren Buffet‚ he also believes in making money through sound investments. However‚ he likes to regard himself as an operator of the business‚ and not just an investor.

The Rise of Carlos Slim Helu

Carlos Slim Helu is in the first position in 2010 Forbes list of billionaires with US $ 53.5 billion. Following him is Bill gates‚ the Microsoft tycoon in the 2nd place and the legendary investor‚ Warren Buffett‚ who is in the 3rd position.

The economic crisis of Mexico in 1982 was the key to the rise of Carlos Slim Helu. He picked up dozens of companies during this time at rock-bottom prices and made them profitable. Telefonos de Mexico (Telmex) was acquired by him in the privatization period in 1990 of the Mexican government. He however raised the phone calls after he took control of the business and was criticized for that. However‚ he constantly worked on improving phone call services in Mexico‚ mobile phone services and Internet services. Mexico’s largest Internet Service Provider is also owned by Carlos‚ which is one of the largest in the United States.

Carlos was laughed at when he made the undervalued deals. But now‚ it seems that he has the last laugh with his name topping the names of the world richest people 2010‚

Awards and Recognitions

  • Entrepreneurial Merit Medal of Honor from Mexico’s Chamber of Commerce.
  • The "gold patron" of the American Academy of Achievement
  • The honor of being a Commander in the Belgian Order
  • CEO of the year in 2003 by Latin Trade magazine
  • CEO of the decade by Latin Trade magazine

Some little known facts about Carlos Slim Helu

  • Carlos Slim Helu is the first ’World’s Richest’ man from a developing nation. He has more than 220 companies intelecommunications‚ banking‚ railways‚ and restaurants‚ to name just a few. His wealth swelled by $18.5 billion last year.
  • In Mexico‚ Slim’s phone company Telmex controls over 80% of the landlines and 70% of the mobile services by its subsidiary América Móbil.
  • Rumors are that he loaned the publisher of The New York Times $250 million last year to save it from a possible closure due to financial crisis. He also owns a 6’9% share in the New York Times.
  • He loves baseball‚ and especially the team‚ the New York Yankees.
  • 7 percent of Mexico’s GDP equals Carlos Slim’s net worth. If Bill gate has to get the same grip on the U.S. economy‚ he has to have his net worth of "909 billion" owning the companies "Alcoa‚ Phillip Morris‚ Sears‚ Best Buy‚ TGIFriday’s‚ Dunkin’ Donuts‚ Marriott‚ Citibank‚ and JetBlue."
  • The man‚ despite of being the wealthiest man in the world‚ lives in a modest 6-bedroom home for the last 30 years. He drives himself to his work every day‚ and doesn’t like to splurge on unnecessary security.

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