US Telecommunication Companies

Telecommunications of USA is one of the fast paced and developing sectors across the globe. Whole world employs the technology developed by research and development in telecommunications sector of USA. This research and development is the result of the healthy competition among various companies of USA.

American telecom started its journey back in 1885 by American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T) which grew out of the invention of the telephone by A.G. Bell in 1876. Today it is one of the world's largest information processing companies. It provides communications products and services to individuals, governments, and businesses in the US and around the world. AT&T also manufactures electronic components and telecommunication systems.

After the settlement of a lawsuit in 1982, many companies like Sprint, WorldCom, T-Mobile, Aces, and Cingular Wireless etc entered into the industry to provide telecommunication services. Today there are numerous operators in US providing telecommunication services. However it can never be neglected that AT&T is still leading the industry in the terms of revenues, services and vast network coverage.

Services Provided by Companies

Companies across US provide a range of telecommunication services to the huge subscriber base of the nation. These services can be classified into wireline and wireless services.

Wire line Services

Wire line services include basic wired telephony services of the US. It is further divided into Local Telephony Services Long Distance Telephony Services and Wireline Broadband Services.

  • Local telephony services includes all other than toll telephony services. This sector is growing in the terms of revenue generation due to heavy demand of the services in US market.
  • Long distance telephony services are supposed to be the primary business of the operators in US and include the toll telephony services. AT&T is leading in such services with a maximum market share followed by WorldCom and Sprint.
  • Wireline broadband services include broadband internet services which are also one of the main constituent of the revenue of the industry due to day to day increasing demand of the services.

Wireless Services

Wireless services refer to mobile telecommunication services that include Mobile Voice Service and Mobile Data Services.

  • Mobile Voice Service is a promising sector of the industry. 88% of the subscribers have switched to digital networks and sector is generating heavy revenues. AT&T Wireless, Sprint PCS, Verizon Wireless, Nextel are some of the leading companies providing mobile voice services.
  • Due to increasing demand of GPRS services and with the birth of 3G technology, the market of Mobile Data Services is potentially increasing. AT&T Wireless, VoiceStream and Cingular have deployed GPRS upgrades and plans eventually to migrate to EDGE and W-CDMA technologies.

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