United States Mentoring Programs

The main focus of This United States Mentoring Training course is to impart knowledge to the Managers in order to make them skillful about mentoring the potentiality and the performance of individual team member

Course Objective of Mentoring Programs

Upon completing this course, the learners will be able to:

  • Explain the advantages of the mentoring program and key responsibilities of the mentor.
  • Identify various process of mentoring
  • Recognize the potentiality of the mentor
  • Apply the management ability to mentor individual team member

Effective Mentoring

Introducing this training program will definitely help in empowerment of individual in the work place. This cost effective way of knowledge distribution is the way to provide the knowledge of effectiveness of the mentoring/coaching.

Audience Profile

Statistician and Senior Managers with relevant years of experience who wish to act as a mentor to their lower ranking employee or the colleagues with less experience.

Course Objective of Effective Mentoring

Upon completing the course, the learner will be able to:

  • Identify the time of applying mentoring
  • Identify the personal strength and weakness during the mentoring program
  • Apply skilled knowledge about mentoring with receiving relevant response
  • Analyze the suitability of mentoring for different personality type

Employee Mentoring

It is nothing but the knowledge sharing and experience distribution among the less experienced colleagues and sub-ordinates.

Examples of employee mentoring:

There are major two kinds of employee mentoring involved:

Expert to amateur mentoring:

  • Mentoring training for new-joinee like induction training
  • Employee mentoring by supervisor
  • Leadership development mentoring

Peer to peer mentoring

  • Well-knowledged colleagues to less experienced colleague mentoring about any particular subject
  • Peer development mentoring program

Mentoring Management

This program helps in wider decision making, more control and easier operation in any organization.

Audience Profile

This is meant for any individual or groups of supervisor or managers.


This formal program helps managers to get more exposure to improve the performance in workplace, and receive fresh ideas or solution from new brains about various setbacks of the organization.

Online Mentoring

With the leap and bounce success of e-learning industry, online mentoring has become unparallel in its honor. Well qualified online tutors are round the clock available for supporting student for mentoring program.

Online Chat

Students can get the look and feel of classroom training through engaging mentor on online chat.

Electronic mentoring Program

It provides the benefit of an electronic system and method for an electronic monitor in order to conduct training in different computer software applications.

Customer service

It is composed of four major area of concern:

Define: it provides the knowledge to the executives about the organization's and employee's benefit

Direct: mid-level managers motivate and direct other executive to retain work culture

Develop: responsibility of frontline supervisor to inculcate regular behavioral changes to the executives and implement company's strategy.

Deliver: role of frontline service provider to deliver exact thing in correct time to the customer.