Undercover Economist

Undercover economist is the book by Mr. Tim Harford in order to spin around the brain of economist and make society conscious about the fact by "Exposing Why Rich are Rich, Poor are Poor and You Can Never Buy a Decent Used Car". Tim Harford being an active columnist in TF and slate has portrayed this book as an under detective by viewing things from the eyes of other's, which may not be exposed to them explicitly.

This book is the reflection of how economist views the world on their very own point of consideration. He has wonderfully taken an example of Starbucks, if paid some money to it how it gets utilized.

Coffee growers, coffee machine or Starbuck itself does not make profit from it. It directly goes to the property where Starbucks sits on.

Undercover Economist Brief

In a nutshell it will give the purview:

  • How economics affects our personal life
  • How to see everything with the economic point of view
  • How economic thought imparts its reflection on your work

In a brief he has insisted on the point, each of us has perfect interest in economics at many point of time. This publication of Tim Harford solves the purpose as an eye-opener for a non-economist layman. He has explained why buying used car can be risky, what are the benefits behind the fair trade etc.and many more discussion about factors shaking economic condition vigorously.

Undercover Economist Reviews

In financial time Stephanie Flanders evokes the idea by writing "I take my hat off to Harford for producing 276 pages of lucid prose aimed at convincing a general reader that economics is more useful - and certainly more interesting - than you might have thought."

In Business line D. Murali states it as "an ideal read to start the new fisc. with."