Trade Shows 2016

Trade fair sometimes called as trade exhibition, expo and trade show, which helps the companies to introduce their new launching products, services, and to understand the latest market trends and opportunities for their investments. These are also useful to know the tactic of their competitors, so that they can make strategic decisions to overcome the barriers.

Types of Trade fairs:

Generally, trade shows are categorized as Public, Trade Only and Hybrids Trade fairs based on the activities organized on the trade shows. Public trade shows are open only for general public to provide the awareness of the companies new products and services that they are about to launch in market place in the near future. Trade Only shows are open only for company representatives (members of the trade, e.g. professionals) and media personals. Hybrids Trade fairs mean the trade shows are open for companies and general public. For example: Frankfurt Book Fair, it is open for companies professionals for first 3 days and last 2 days for general public. In USA there are more than 10,000 trade fairs organized every year which helps the companies to get knowledge and find new opportunities to invest.

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