Telecommunications Jobs

Telecommunications is one of the rapidly growing industries in United States. Telecommunication companies offer a range of products and services to the subscribers of US as a result of which this industry is promising great career opportunities in various departments.

Career Opportunities in Telecommunications sector

Due to healthy competitive market and availability of a big number of skilled unemployed workforces in developing nations

There is a vast scope of jobs and promising careers in companies of US in the sales, call centres, back office and technical sections apart from regular managerial and specialised job profiles.

Sales Executives

Sales are a backbone of any company in competitive markets. Telecom companies across US demands for the expert executives who can maximize the sales of the company and can give a consistent sales leads to the company.

Call Centre Executives

Due to cut throat competition, approximately all the companies offer similar services to the subscribers. Therefore, to capture the maximum market, companies are more customer-oriented and actually, they compete on the grounds of the quality of customer services offered to subscribers.

Call centre is there to offer excellent services to subscribers. With day-to-day increasing subscribers and high attrition rate, there is a great demand of call centre executives in telecom companies of US. Requirement of the job is an excellent communication skill and a great level of patience.

Job profile includes offering subscribers with the solutions of the problem related with products and services. In some companies, executives call the potential customers to make a sales deal. Career is very much promising as promotion to senior level like team leader and section head is offered according to the quality of work.

Back Office Executives

Like call centres, back office in telecommunication companies also promise a great career opportunity for the youth. There are various back office jobs like processing of complaints and requests forwarded by front end or call centres.

Technical Support Executives

Due to IT intensive industry, telecom in US offers a great job opportunity in its technical section also. Almost all the department of the companies are well equipped with IT executives to troubleshoot IT related problems. Not only this, there is also a great demand of other technically specialised professionals and engineers for departments like network and GPRS.

Qualifications and Sources

Usually apart from technical executives, managerial and other specialised profiles, companies do not seek for much qualification in the resumes of the applicants. They provide the specialised trainings regarding their products and services to extract best out of everybody.

Classified ads in periodicals and various websites help the companies to recruit professionals for various departments and also help applicants to search jobs.