Telecommunication System in USA

Telecommunication services in United States are very much demanded due to day to day increasing subscribers and its cheap cost. Almost all the cities in United States are serviced by five different service providers

Telecommunications Systems in UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

There are mainly two sorts of telecommunications systems in United States

Wired Telecommunication System

Wired Telecommunication system is the most basic system of telecommunication in United States. Wired Telecommunication System works on the optical fibres that run across the United States and local and distance telephony work on Wired Telecommunication System. Not only this, the broadband internet services are also carried over through wired telecommunication system.

Wireless Telecommunication System

Wireless Telecommunication System is an advanced and satellite based system in which data travel in the form radio waves. With day to day developing wireless technology system helps the companies to provide advanced and exciting value added services to the subscribers.

Telecommunication Transmission System

There are two systems for telecommunication transmission, analogue transmission system and digital transmission system.

Analogue transmission uses signals that are exact replica of the sound or picture being transmitted. For example, an analogue telephone system transmits an electric current that copies the pattern of sound waves of the speaker's voice. This current travels over wire and is converted back to sound waves in the telephone receiver. Radio, television etc are some of the devices that employ analogue transmission.

In digital transmission system, the signals are converted into a code. In most cases, the code has two elements, such as the dot-dash of Morse code or the on-off flashing of a light. This flashing- of- a -light coded signals are popular now a days and are send out by a rapidly blinking ray of light which are decoded at the receiving end. A device called a laser produces the light, which travels through thin strands of glass called optical fibres. GPRS, SMS and other data services work upon digital transmission.

Companies operating on these systems

All the operators in United States are employing the above mentioned systems to provide the best services to their subscribers. Prominent companies like American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T), WorldCom, Verizon, Sprint PCS etc constantly spend a big amount in research and developments as a result of which these systems keeps on improving with the time.